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About IsraelCoronavirus (Covid-19) test-site locations In Israel.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) test-site locations In Israel.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2021

MADA Coronavirus testing sites across Israel.

Members of the 4 health funds; Maccabi, Clalit, Leumit and Meuhedet can arrange for Coronavirus PCR testing with them. Test results are usually available within 24 hours.

In accordance with the government’s request, Magen David Adom conducts rapid corona testing for various Green Pass related purposes.

How much does a rapid antigen test cost?

A test at MADA costs 52NIS. It is free for children between the ages of 3 – 8 years.

You can purchase a digital-card that entitles you to 8 rapid tests at a cost of 272NIS

NOTE: You can purchase a do-it-yourself antigen test from a pharmacy from around 35NIS

How to make an appointment for the antigen test?

To make an appointment call *3101 from any phone.

You can also make an appointment online, (Hebrew only)

MADA corona testing locations nationwide 

Please note locations and schedules are updated from time to time, please check for updates before arriving here.

Ofakim – Community Lottery Center 15:0019:00
Or Akiva – Ilan 6 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Eilat – ICE MALL Mall13:00 21:00
Eilat – HaTamarim Blvd. (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Alfei Menashe – Community Lottery Hall 12:0020:00
Elkana – MDA station Dor Alon gas station complex12:0018:00
Ariel – Hashomron 10 (Narcissus Garden)10:0018:00
Ashdod – Medicine 1 (MDA Station)11:0020:00
Ashdod – 11A Community Center – 6 Hari Golan St.11:0020:00
Ashkelon – Yitzhak Ben Zvi (Eshkol Pais)15:0021:00
Baqa al-Arabiya – Bir Baqa (MDA Station)12:0019:00
Beer Yaakov – Nino Bergig Sports Complex 11:0019:00
Beer Sheva – will improve Planet10:0018:00
Be’er Sheva – Cinema City Complex12:0020:00
Aryeh House – Muse – next to a post office12:0020:00
Beit Jen – Local Council15:0019:00
Beit She’an – Flame Center (Sderot HaArba)12:0020:00
Beit Shemesh – Ben Zvi 33 (MDA Station)13:00 18:00
Betar Illit – MDA Station 18:0020:00
Bnei Brak Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzira 7 (MDA Station)11:0019:00
Bnei Yehuda – MDA Station (inside Clalit Clinic)16:00 18:00
Binyamina – Independence 90 12:0019:00
Bat Yam – The Country10:0018:00
Bat Yam – Rabinowitz 4 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Givat Avni – Secretariat – 35 Ha’oranim St.16:00 18:00
Givat Shmuel – New sports hall10:0018:00
Givatayim – 11 HaMoreer St.12:0020:00
Gedera – Ben Gurion (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Gan Yavne – Community Center (entrance from the pool)12:0020:00
Ganei Tikva – 39 Hagalil St.10:0018:00
Dimona – Herzl 16 (MDA Station)15:0019:00
Herzliya – Sokolov 76 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Zichron Yaacov – Yes Planet – Mall (Rd. #4)12:0019:00
Zichron Yaacov – 2 Hapadot St. (Zamarin)12:0018:00
Hadera – Cinema City12:0020:00
Hadera – Lev Hadera Mall – 40 Rothschild St.12:0019:00
Holon – The Country (Fighters St.)10:0018:00
Holon – La Park, Peres Park 12:0020:00
Haifa – Grand Canyon (Underground level minus 5)12:0020:00
Haifa – Holmes Place Family09:0018:00
Haifa – Yitzhak Sadeh 10 (MDA Station)12:0018:00
Haifa – Haifa Mall 2nd floor 11:0019:00
Haifa – Cinemall (Lev Hamifratz) – 1st floor 12:0020:00
Hatzor HaGlilit – MDA Station (Abba Hilkia St.)16:00 19:00
Harish – Harish Mall – 2 Derech Eretz St. 12:0019:00
Tiberias – MDA Station (Kishon St.)12:0018:00
Turan – Shifa Medical Center19:0023:00
Tira – Al-Rahma Medical Center (Tarek Abdullah)09:0022:00
Tirat Carmel – Youth House (Carmelim St.)14:0018:00
Tamra – City Hall15:0018:00
Yavne – Municipal Stadium (at the box office)10:0018:00
Yavne – Zabotinsky / Hanofar (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Yad Binyamin – Nahal Sorek Community Center16:00 18:00
Yehud – Gan Sabar (HaPninim St.)12:0020:00
Yokneam Illit – Country (Alonim St.)10:0018:00
Yeruham – Municipal Library (H. Computers)15:0019:00
Jerusalem – MG 7 (MDA Station)10:0020:00
Jerusalem – Yes Planet13:00 20:00
Jerusalem – Makor Chaim (MDA Station)14:0019:00
Jerusalem – Cinema City14:0020:00
Jerusalem – Ein Yael12:0020:00
Kawkab Abu al-Hija – Al Hija Mosque16:00 18:00
Kuseife – MDA station18:0020:00
Kfar Chabad – MDA compound12:0020:00
Kfar Yassif – Sugary Center Building (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Kfar Yona – Aliya 43 (MDA Station)12:0019:00
Kfar Yabetz – adjacent to the secretariat’s office12:0020:00
Kfar Manda – Community Center15:0018:00
Kfar Saba – MDA Station (Tchernichovsky St.)12:0020:00
Kfar Saba Green – Damari Event Parking 12:0020:00
Kfar Tavor – Community Center – Haganah 814:0018:00
Karmiel – Hutsot Karmiel Mall 12:0020:00
Lod – Jerusalem 62 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Mevaseret Zion – Hatzvim Blvd. (Community Center)14:0020:00
Majd al-Krum – MDA station (near Yaad gas station)12:0020:00
Migdal Haemek – Gymboree Yaldods14:0020:00
Ashkelon Beach Museum – Globus Center (in front of the cinema)14:0018:00
Jezreel Valley Museum – Yifat Concert Hall10:0018:00
Mo’az Shomron – Director of the mountain ridge12:0020:00
Moaz Tamar – Ein Gedi18:0019:30
Modi’in – (Water Park parking lot))12:0020:00
Mazkeret Batya – The Volunteer House (Haim Levy St.)12:0020:00
Meitar – a cultural center near the community center15:0019:00
Restaurant – MDA station17:3018:30
Ma’ale Adumim – Psaga Center – Diamond Square in front of Yad Sara14:0020:00
Maalot – Yaffa Nof Community Center12:0020:00
Beacon – Jordan Valley Regional Council16:00 18:00
Nahariya – Gil Park10:0018:00
Galilee View – MDA Square 3 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Ness Ziona – Ness Galim Pool12:0020:00
Ness Ziona – The Country (Pavel Frenkel St.)10:0018:00
Nazareth – East of East near the post office (4059 Iksal St.)17:0021:00
Netivot – Friendship House (former medical center)14:0020:00
Netanya – Kiryat Hasharon, in the community center (Tom Lantos St.)16:0019:00
Netanya – 12 Norok St.12:0019:00
Netanya – Sapir Center (ET Poleg)12:0019:00
Savyon – House of culture10:0018:00
Isfahan – Beit Ha’am15:0018:00
Acre – Ein Hamifratz shopping complex 12:0020:00
Acre – Azrieli Mall – 1st floor12:0020:00
Jordan Valley – Beit Gabriel (Tzemach Junction)15:0018:00
Afula – Emek Center 12:0018:00
Afula – Municipal Gallery14:0020:00
Araba – Comprehensive School in Batuf17:0019:00
Arad – Palmach 36 (MDA Station)15:0019:00
Atlit – Mall 2nd floor – playground14:0019:00
Pisgat Ze’ev – 111 Rachmilovich St.16:0020:00
Petah Tikva – Sirkin Park (Sportek)11:0020:00
Safed – Ha’atzmaut 1 (MDA Station)16:00 19:00
Kibbutz Amir – MDA station15:0018:00
Kiryat Ono – Jeremiah 42 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Kiryat Arba – Tabenkin (next to the Ashkenazi synagogue)16:00 20:00
Kiryat Ata – Youth Center 14:0019:00
Kiryat Bialik – Kiryon near Gate 712:0020:00
Kiryat Gat – 6 Lachish Blvd. (MDA Station)14:0020:00
Kiryat Tivon – Hyacinth Garden (Moran St.)12:0020:00
Kiryat Motzkin – Family Center (opposite the JNF 27)10:0018:00
Kiryat Malachi – Negev 3 (MDA Station)15:0020:00
Kiryat Ekron – Ben Zvi School Complex (MDA Station, Moshe Sharet St.)12:0020:00
Karnei Shomron – Youth Center12:0020:00
Rosh HaAyin – Zechariah Moshe (Symphony Building)10:0018:00
Rishon Lezion – The Countryside (Ben Gurion Road)10:0018:00
Rishon Lezion – Jabotinsky 104 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Rahat – Nimer Abu Zaila Sports Hall – Islam Street15:0019:00
Rehovot – Remez 69 (MDA Station)12:0020:00
Ramla – Stadium12:0020:00
Ramat Gan – Metula 2 (behind the post office, 1st floor)11:0019:00
Ramat Hasharon – Cinema City Glilot parking lot11:0021:00
Raanana – The Country (Hasadna St.)10:0018:00
Raanana – Youth Center 12:0020:00
Sderot – Ariel Banim Complex12:0018:00
Shoham – MDA Station (HaZayit St.)12:0020:00
Shlomi – The Shlomi Community Center14:0018:00
Shimshit – Shaham 1 (MDA Station)13:00 19:00
Shaarei Tikva – Classrooms Complex in Old Mamad (Agricultural Union)12:0020:00
Shefayim – at the entrance to the water park11:0019:00
Tel Aviv-Yafo – Ganei Yehoshua08:0020:00
Tel Aviv-Yafo – Yigal Alon 60 (MDA Station)11:0019:00
Tel Aviv-Yafo – Tel Aviv University Sports Center, Gate 910:0018:30
Tel Aviv-Yafo – Jaffa Port (Southern Parking Lot)12:0020:00
Tel Aviv-Yafo – Sharona Market (Eastern entrance)10:0020:00
Timrat – Yishuv Secretariat18:0020:00
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