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Medical & HealthHow to change from one Health-Fund (Kupat Holim) to another.

How to change from one Health-Fund (Kupat Holim) to another.

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Last Updated on November 8, 2021

Changing Health-Funds (Kupat Holim) to another

Hebrew: ?איך מחליפים קופת חולים

switching health funds

Whether you are not satisfied, or for any reason whatsoever, in Israel you have the right to switch from one health-fund (Kupat Holim) to another, provided you have been a member of your current health-fund for at least one year.

Here is what you need to do

  1. You need to obtain the “Tofes Hodaat Maavar”  – The Notification of Transfer Form – from any branch of the post-office
  2. Fill out the form and hand it in at the post-office.  You will be charged a nominal fee
  3. You can also complete this procedure via the Bituach Leumi website (National Insurance Institute) – the form is in Hebrew only 🙁
  4. Make a request from your current Health Fund that your medical records and information be transferred to the new one. There is no charge for this service.

Note that your rights as a member of a health-fund are not harmed in any way when you transfer funds.  You are entitled to the same identical services in each of the 4 health-funds, as prescribed by the law.

When can I change from one Kupah to another?

You are only entitled to change health-funds at 6 different intervals during the year and you cannot change over more than twice a year.

Dates for Changeover Changeover Effected Date
January 15

March 15

May 15

July 15

September 15

November 15

March 1

May 1

July 1

September 1

November 1

January 1

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