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ALIYAHPacking your Suitcase for Aliyah

Packing your Suitcase for Aliyah

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Last Updated on November 26, 2021

The Aliyah flight – What you should pack in your suitcase

luggage Your Aliyah or relocation shipment will only arrive in Israel a few weeks after your Aliyah arrival date.  You’ll need to pack a suitcase for yourself and members of your family – both for your carry-on and your checked luggage filled with all the essential items you are likely to need in those first few weeks.

Olim, first thing – check with your Aliyah organization for luggage allowances and limitations in terms of weight and suitcase size.  You may be required to pay excess baggage if you exceed the allowed weight.  Take advantage of a few extra kilos and pack your stuff into light weight duffle bags rather than heavy suitcases.

Packing suggestions

  1. Personal toiletries

2. A 3 month supply of medications especially if you have any chronic ailments.  It could take time before you find a specialist physician or until you establish which local meds are suitable for you.

3. All your medical records and other important documents should be packed in your carry-on or hand luggage.

4. Clothing; take current weather conditions into account.  Israel winter’s are more severe than some other countries like South Africa or Australia, for example.  Make sure you have a good, warm winter jacket with you if you are arriving in the winter months (November, December, January, February)

5. Household linen – bedding; sheets, blankets and pillows, and also towels.  Beds are a little smaller in Israel – check our article on dimensions and measurements of standard furniture items.  Bring pure cotton sheets, polyester cotton blends are too hot for the Israeli summer.

6. Toys; bring a few of your children’s favorites with you or take advantage of local dollar shops that sell a wide selection of inexpensive toys and party favors starting at 1 shekel to keep them occupied until your Aliyah shipment arrives.

7. Don’t stock up on food items, but do bring a few favorite treats for those first few days.  Israeli supermarket chains keep a wide range of imported food items and you are sure to find something familiar at your local supermarket.

Happy landings!

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