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ALIYAHFor your Aliyah or Relocation Shipping Container: Measurements of Household Items

For your Aliyah or Relocation Shipping Container: Measurements of Household Items

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Last Updated on November 13, 2021

Metric measurements of common household items for your shipping container and your new home in Israel.

Hebrew:  מידות של ריהוט וחפצים ביתיים

Unless your apartment or house has been designed or built according to your specifications, most Israeli apartments and homes will probably have smaller rooms than you are used to.  A comfortable 3-bedroom apartment may only be around 100 m².   An average bedroom is between 8 – 10 m²

Before you pack, you will have to decide if your furniture and household items are appropriate in size for the average Israeli apartment or if you need to downsize.  Check out our floor plan of a typical Israeli apartment.

If your decide to buy new appliances, furniture and linens to ship to Israel, we suggest you reference this list of measurements and dimensions before you make your purchases.  Liaise with the agent  who is coordinating your Aliyah or relocation shipment to determine the required container size.

 Here are those measurements:

dining room table

Dining table for 6

180 x 100

Dining chair seat-size

50 x 50


 2 seat couch

160 x 90

3 seat couch

220 x 90


 Medium sized fridge with top freezer

175 x 80 x 65


Standard built-in oven

60 x 60


Stove – 4 burners/ceramic or conduction

60 x 50


12 place setting dish washer

60 x 60

toaster oven

Medium sized toaster oven

50 x 30


Medium sized microwave

50 x 40


Standard size washing machine

60 x 60

Clothes dryer

60 x 60

single bed

Single bed sizes

70 x 190

80 x 190

mitat noar

Youth bed

120 x 190

double bed

Double bed sizes

140 x 190/200

160 x 190/200

180 x 190/200

Aliyah Tip

It is generally advisable to purchase small electrical appliances in Israel rather than shipping them from your country of origin.  Most warranties are not valid outside the country they were originally purchased in.  Be aware of the main power differences between North America and Israel.  America and Canada use 110, other countries have the same power supply – 220 volts (60 Hz)\

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