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ALIYAHTraveling to Israel with a pet

Traveling to Israel with a pet

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Last Updated on August 4, 2021

Traveling with your pet to Israel

Hebrew:  יבוא חיות מחמד לישראל

travel with pets

Flying with a pet to Israel, presents a number of challenges; questions need to be answered and issues resolved before you can board your flight to Israel when you are making Aliyah or relocating to Israel.

What do I need to consider before traveling with a pet?

  • Is it really practical for or our family to relocate or make Aliyah with our pet?  Shouldn’t we be  saying goodbye to Rover or Kitty and hand them to another loving family?  The Aliyah and relocation process is stressful for us all but your family’s beloved pet can play a significant role in helping your child readjust to his/her new life in Israel.
  • Determine your airline’s policy for flying with your dog, cat or other pet.
  • If you are using more than one airline, connecting flights and code-shares, determine the pet relocation services each airline offers.  While they might both accept your pet, they might have certain unique policies and regulations that need to be considered before you travel; with your pet.
  • How much time do I need to make all the travel arrangements for my pet?

Can I bring my family pet to Israel?

Airlines are able to offer your pet relocation services. Not all animals traveling to Israel, on our national carrier are permitted to travel in the cabin.  Your faithful loving dog, your cat or birds are the only pets allowed in the cabin and this is determined by the pet’s size and weight.  Larger animals, except guide dogs, have to fly in the hold.  The Captain of the flight has the right to remove your pet from the cabin and move him/her to the hold if your he/she is disturbing the passengers.

The importing of animals is overseen by The Israel Ministry of Agriculture.

A healthy pet

You need to ask yourself  if your pet cope with the flight.  Take his age into consideration and is he physically strong enough to cope with the flight. You may be traveling from a country that has a climate vastly different to Israel’s – will your breed cope with the hot, dry summers in Israel?

Does your pet have a pre-existing medical condition?  If so, there is a good chance that your pet will be refused entry into Israel.

Veterinary permits

Veterinary permits are required under certain conditions and you need to check this. Vaccination certificates are however mandatory.  A government veterinary official from country of origin, must declare that your pet is healthy and free of infections or infectious diseases.  The certificate must indicate that your dog or cat has been vaccinated against rabies, no more than one year and no less than one month before the date of arrival in Israel.  Note that dogs and cats under the vaccination age (three months) are not permitted to enter Israel.

How much does it cost to bring a pet to Israel?

Each airline has its own set of tariffs and the tariff is determined by the weight of the animal, its container/cage and food requirements.  A different tariff my be applied if your pet is traveling on the same flight as you or if he/she is traveling on another flight. You can also choose to send your pet with a private company that specializes in pet relocation.

Our Tips

  • Try to remain calm before the flight.  If your pet senses that you are stressed and anxious he/she will probably pick that up and feel stressed and anxious too.
  • Check with the airline if your pet will be allowed to have his favorite toy or “blanky” with him in the cabin or the hold.
  • Once you have arrived in Israel, pay special attention to your pet.  They are readjusting and they need love and special attention too.
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