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Legal Advice

Saving a marriage under stress

Marriage under stress! I would like to share with you a list of hints that people with stronger marriages have told me helped them

Kidnapped Children and Hague Cases

Israel has a relatively high number of parental kidnappings of children in divorced families. A member of the Hague Convention

Thinking about divorce in Israel

Adv. Jay Hait - Israel divorce specialist shares his advice for couples thinking about divorce. Often the first thing that they think

Infidelity in Marriage

Infidelity in Marriage – What are the Consequences? The Jewish Rabbinical Court or Family Courts (in Israel). Betrayal, separation, divorce laws, custo

Children’s Rights in Israel

Children's rights in Israel. The Hague Convention, Israel child custody law. What is in the best interest of the child


A detailed insight into marriage and divorce in Israel. Registering for religious or civil marriage, documentation, custody, procedures and

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