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Legal Advice

Running a Business in Israel

Digitally storing customer/client information could expose you to civil and criminal legal proceedings. Your legal obligations include

Starting a business in Israel

What is the law and what are the legal differences? All you need to know about opening or starting a business in Israel by Adv. Jay Hait

Navigating the Holidays After Divorce

Is navigating the holidays after divorce an unsurmountable challenge? By: Adv. Jay Hait Navigating the holidays after divorce, especially if it’s the first holiday, really emphasizes...

The Grandparents’ role during their children’s divorce.

Grandparent's, when your children get divorced there are many ways to show up for your family during this distressing and disruptive time.

The Prenuptial Agreement in Israel – a Contract of Marriage

A Prenup is More Romantic Than a Wedding By Adv. Jay Hait Mazel Tov! You’re engaged! The search for your soulmate is over. You and your...

Child Custody – Israel Law.

Child Custody Cases for Olim International kidnappings are more common than you think. But I’m not talking about the criminal kind involving strangers who abduct...

The Dark Side of Social Media in Israel

The Dark Side of Social Media in Israel. We get our news, share ideas and promote business on these platforms. But the dark side of...

6 Steps to Getting Divorced in Israel

6 Steps to Getting Divorced in Israel with a Comprehensive Divorce Agreement You certainly never expected to be dismantling the life you and your spouse...

Contemplating Divorce – 10 Steps for your financial future

10 steps you should be taking now for your financial future, if you're contemplating divorce this year. It’s a sad​ fact that you didn't plan...

Your last will & testament for funeral & burial arrangements in Israel

Adding addendums in your last will & testament for funeral & burial arrangements in Israel. By. Adv. Jay Hait In my office's elder law practice (where...

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