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Israel Traffic Light Plan

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Last Updated on August 6, 2020

Israel’s traffic light plan – red, green, yellow and orange zones.

31 August

Traffic light plan as outlined and published in YNET (August 31st), will divide the country into 250 local and regional councils (or zones) with each locality defined by a color ranging from Green for low morbidity to Red with high rates of infection. The designation of color will be decided based on the number of new cases for every 10,000 residents per week, the increase of patients per week, the number of positive test results each week.

Color designation will be in place for a two-week period before being reevaluated according to the increase or decrease of cases and would determine the level of commercial, educational and cultural activity permitted.

In red zones gatherings of more than 10 people indoors and 20 outside would be forbidden. The restriction would apply to prayers during the High Holidays as well.

Orange zones would have a restriction of no more than 25 people indoors and 50 outdoors. Restaurants or other businesses would be able to allow up to 40% capacity.

Yellow zones would allow 50 people indoors and up to 100 outdoors or a 60% capacity in places of business.

In Green zones congregation indoors would be allowed for up to 100 people indoors and 250 outdoors with up to 80% capacity.

Cultural events in both yellow and green zones would be allowed for up to 500 people in venues that can separate audiences into groups using separate entrances.

The cabinet was unable to reach an agreement on in-school learning in red zones with Education Minister Yoav Galant insisting the school year begin as planned on Tuesday while Gamzu warned it would cause mass contamination and must be suspended.

Local government will be responsible for much of the response and will be assisted by the IDF Home Front Command.

30 August

Gamzu’s traffic light plan was finally approved in the Knesset today.

20 August

More details of Gamzu’s traffic light plan

As we know municipal districts to be divided into 4 categories: red, yellow, orange and green.  The level of restrictions will be graded; red districts will be hardest hit while green districts will have the least restrictions;

Proposed restrictions regarding public gatherings

Yellow districts Red districts
100 guests in an open space

50 guests in a closed space

20 guests in an open space

10 guests in a closed space

Green districts Orange districts
250 guests in an open space

100 guests in a closed space

50 guests in an open space

25 guests in a closed space

6 August

traffic lightAt the corona cabinet meeting on Wednesday 5th, August, 2020 Prof. Roni Gamzu, Head of the corona task force in Israel, presented the new policy for the red and orange zones in his ‘traffic light plan’.

To recap: municipal districts will be divided into 3 categories – red, orange and green according to the infection and morbidity rate.  Varying levels of restrictions will be placed on the red and orange zones accordingly.  Green zones are ones that have low infection and morbidity rates and do not require additional measures to reduce numbers.

The Jerusalem Post published the new policy:

1. A massive and extensive support network and assistance for the population, while providing support under the aegis of the local council.
2. Improving cutting the chain of infection in these cities by means of operational tools, led by IDF Home Front Command.
3. Strict adherence to quarantine of the family unit in order to cut inter-family infection and providing assistance to families.
4. Enforcement and implementation of the current restrictions regarding gatherings.
5. Management of a flexible network of evacuations while giving local quotas above the actual criteria, under the aegis of IDF Home Front Command and the health maintenance organizations.
6. Restrictions on the education system – in coordination with the education system
7. Increasing assistance from the health maintenance organizations and management of the morbidity by the Health Ministry.
This policy will require the cooperation of various bodies; government ministries, local government, the Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref and the defense establishment, the Israel Police and under the professional guidance of the Ministry of Health and a professional expert forum set up by Gamzu.
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