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Israel Old-Age Pension

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Last Updated on November 12, 2021

Israel Bituach Leumi Old-age Pension

Hebrew: קצבת זקנה ביטוח לאומי

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The basic old-age pension rates

As of January 2021, the basic old-age pension is NIS 1,558 for and individual and NIS 2,342 for a couple. The basic old-age pension people age 80 or older is NIS 1,646  for an individual and NIS 2,430 for a couple.

If each of the couple separately meet the entitlement conditions for an old-age pension, each one of them will be entitled to an individual pension.

In addition to the basic pension, you will also receive:

A seniority increment (insurance) – The old-age pension includes a seniority increment for those who were insured for over 10 years prior to the date of the beginning of his entitlement to an old-age pension, subject to the restrictions prescribed by law.

The seniority increment is 2% of the pension for each full year of insurance after the first 10 years of insurance. The total increment may not exceed 50% of the pension.

Pension deferral increment -This increment is paid in cases in which there was no entitlement to an old-age pension due to income from work (even if no claim was submitted) or, because of the income from work, the insured is only entitled to a small old-age pension, and he waives receipt of the small amount.

A pensioner must reside in Israel for at least 182 days a year, in order to apply for, and receive  a pension or a “kitzvat zikna”. 

From 01.01.21 The Amount you Receive
NIS 1,558 For an individual
NIS 1,646 For an individual aged 80 or older
NIS 2,342 For a couple (the pension for a couple is composed of a pension for an individual plus an increment for the spouse)
NIS 2,430   For a couple when the pension recipient is aged 80 or older
NIS 2,051 For an individual + 1 child
NIS 2,835 For a couple + 1 child
The increment for the child is paid to only one of them 
NIS 2,544 For an individual + 2 or more children* 
NIS 3,328 For a couple + 2 or more children* 

* The increment for a child is paid for the first 2 children only.

– The increment rate for each one of the two children is NIS 493 

– The increment rate for a spouse is NIS 784 

We do our best to update these figures regularly.  Do check on the Bituach Leumi website for the most current information

Israel Retirement Income

When you reach retirement age, you are entitled to receive an old-age pension provided that you pass an eligibility test; that  your income from work does not exceed (or exceeds by only a small amount) the maximum income, and provided that your income from sources other than work, such as income from property or interest on investments, does not exceed (or exceeds by only a small amount) twice the maximum income. Income from a pension is not taken into account.

Israel Retirement Age

Until June 30, 2004, the retirement age was 65 for men and 60 for women.

From July 1, 2004, the retirement age is determined according to one’s date of birth.

The retirement age for men is from 65 to 67 and for women is from 60 to 64, as can be seen in the following tables:

Retirement age for men:

Date of birth (month and year)

Retirement Age
From To
6/1939 65
7/1939 8/1939 65 and 4 months
9/1939 4/1940 65 and 8 months
5/1940 12/1940 66
1/1941 8/1941 66 and 4 months
9/1941 4/1942 66 and 8 months
5/1942 and thereafter 67
Retirement age for women:

Date of birth (month and year)

Retirement Age
From To
6/1944 60
7/1944 8/1944 60 and 4 months
9/1944 4/1945 60 and 8 months
5/1945  12/1945   61
1/1946 8/1946   61 and 4 months
9/1946   4/1947   61 and 8 months 
5/1947 and thereafter 62

Pension Conditions & Allowances

For more information on pensions, conditions, eligibility and allowances, visit the Bituach Leumi website (National Insurance)  

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