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ElectionsIsrael Election Results 2021

Israel Election Results 2021

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Last Updated on September 21, 2021

Israel 2021 election results and swearing in of the new government.

Naftali Bennett

Naftal Bennett, Head of the Yamina party and Israel’s new Prime Minister – Image credit: Wikimedia
13 June 2021
Unless there is some surprise at the 11th hour, Israel’s new Prime-Minister, Naftali Bennett (head of Yamina)  and Yair Lapid (head of Yeish Atid) are  expected to be sworn in today after a vote of confidence in the Knesset.  Bennett will be sworn in as Israel’s 13th prime minister, replacing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Today’s program 
The session will begin with Bennett introducing his cabinet and presenting the government’s guidelines.  Lapid and Netanyahu are also set to speak thereafter.  A vote to replace the Speaker of the Knesset will follow.
If the vote passes, Bennett and Lapid would be sworn in as prime minister for each of the two halves of their term, followed by the other ministers
Swearing in of the new government ministers commences.  The new government includes a minister from the United Arab List (Ra’am) who will be tasked to deal with Arab affairs.
The new government’s first session will follow.

7 June 2021
  • The draft coalition agreement between the Yesh Atid and Yamina parties says that if the government fails to pass a state budget within 100 days after its formation, the government will collapse and Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid will not succeed Yamina’s Naftali Bennett as prime minister.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “overthrow” the new coalition poised to replace his government and alleges “the greatest election fraud”.

6 June 2021
Yamina head Naftali Bennett called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “to let go and allow Israel to move forward”

2 June 2021
Presidential elections are held as well and Isaac (Boojie) Herzog was elected the 11th President of Israel with 87 Knesset members voting for him

30 May 2021
Bennett announces he will join centrist rivals to unseat Netanyahu.

21 May 2021
Ceasefire declared. Coalition talks resume.

10 May 2021
Fighting erupts between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and unrest breaks out in many mixed Jewish-Arab cities in Israel. Coalition talks break down.

5 May 2021
President Reuven Rivlin hands Israel opposition chief Yair Lapid the mandate to form a government

4 May 2021
Bibi Netanyahu’s mandate to form a coalition expires.  It is now up to President Reuven Rivlin to had over the mandate to either Yair Lapid or Naftali Bennett in the hope that they will manage to execute this task.

27 April, 2021
There are 7 days left for Benjamin Netanyahu to form a coalition government.  Will he pull it off? Chances are slim but we will have to see if he can pull a cat out of the bag in time.

7 April, 2021
Rivlin announces that Benjamin Netanyahu is tasked to form the new coalition and meetings will commence this morning between Netanyahu and other party leaders.

6 April, 2021
President Reuven Rivlin to announce his decision – who will he task to form a new coalition?

5 April, 2021
120 members of the Knesset are sworn in and Benjamin Netanyahu gets the most nominations with 52.  Yair Lapid (Yeish Atid) gets 45 nominations and Naftali Bennet (Yemina) gets 7.

These are  the results of the Israel elections held on March 23rd, 2021:
120 seats in the Knesset and 61 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 67.4% Decrease
Party Leader   % Seats
Likud Benjamin Netanyahu 24.19 30
Yesh Atid Yair Lapid 13.91 17
Shas Aryeh Deri 7.17 9
Blue and White Benny Gantz 6.61 8
Yamina Naftali Bennett 6.21 7
Labor Merav Michaeli 6.09 7
UTJ Moshe Gafni 5.64 7
Yisrael Beiteinu Avigdor Lieberman 5.64 7
Religious Zionist Bezalel Smotrich 5.11 6
Joint List Ayman Odeh 4.81 6
New Hope Gideon Sa’ar 4.74 6
Meretz Nitzan Horowitz 4.59 6
Ra’am Mansour Abbas 3.79 4
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