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About IsraelVehicle & Driver's License Categories & Classifications for Israel.

Vehicle & Driver’s License Categories & Classifications for Israel.

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Last Updated on November 25, 2021

Getting your Israeli Driver’s License – Driving License Categories & Classifications.

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In order to get your Israel driving license you are required to take an eye test, pass a theoretical test for your learner’s driving permit, take a number of driving lessons with a qualified and accredited driving instructor and then pass the practical driving test. The number of driving lessons you are required to take, depends on the type of license you are applying for and the vehicle you will be driving.

Converting your Foreign Driver’s License to an Israeli License

If you have recently arrived in Israel with a foreign driver’s license, it is a fairly simple procedure to convert your driving license to a local Israeli license as outlined here…

As of 15 June 2015, driver’s licenses, in Israel, are categorized and classified into the following types:

Category/Classification for Motorcycles

A – Motorcycle above 35 kilowatts (kw)

A1 – Motorcycle up to 125 cc’s where the engine power does not exceed 11 kw (47.46horsepower)

A2 – Motorcycle where the engine power  does not exceed 35 kw (14.916 horsepower)

Category/Classification for Other Vehicles

B – Vehicle up to 3.5 tons (private vehicle – that’s the one most of us need)

C1 – Up to 12 tons

C – Above 12 tons

C, E – Semi-trailer

B, D – Bus and private

C1, D – Bus and freight

D1 – Taxi and minibus up to 5 tons

D2 – Public transport minibus up to 5 tons

D3 – Private transport minibus up to 5 tons

7 – Tourist license

1 – Tractor license

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