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Eating at Kosher Restaurants in Raanana

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021

Eating Kosher in Raanana – Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs & Eateries

Hebrew: מסעדות ומקומות לאכול ברעננה

Kosher fast food options vary depending on the city. In Israel, there are many fast food chains including McDonald’s (not all are kosher). Then there’s the ultimate fast food of falafel and schwarma. Of course Jerusalem has the most Kosher restaurants and of the 3 main cities, Haifa has the least. In Raanana there is a wide selection of Kosher restaurants to meet the needs of  large frum and observant community.

Eating Kosher in Raanana
The ingredients of a kosher pizza will never include pepperoni, salami or any type of sausage.  (Image credit: Unsplash)

The Jewish dietary laws (Kashrut) dictate that dairy based foods cannot be cooked or served together with meat based foods – so a pepperoni pizza is out. It also dictates that utensils used to prepare food have to be kept separate too – you cannot fry the burger in the same pan that you made a cheese omelette, for example. In most cases restaurants will only serve a dairy menu or a meat menu.

Pork and shellfish cannot be served.

The kitchens in Kosher restaurants have to be under constant Rabbinical supervision. The venue must be closed on the Sabbath and also on Jewish religious holidays and festivals. Many Kosher eateries prefer to remain closed during the festival of Passover (Pesach) where special dietary laws govern the festival,

Kosher Restaurants in Raanana

The Luzzatto Italian Meat Kitchen

You’ll find the Luzzatto Italian Meat Kitchen on Ahuza Street (no. 77) – a Mehadrin Kosher restaurant that offers starters, salads, scrumptious pasta, meat dishes and more. Luzzatto has a business lunch- and a dinner-menu. They have a to ‘die-for’ desserts and while their cocktail menu is rather limited, there are enough to choose from to make your meal that much more enjoyable.


The Felafel Shop

The Felafel Shop on Ahuza Street, one of Raanana’s main shopping districts, does an interesting twist on a regular falafel.  They also offer a Mexican falafel and a Mediterranean falafel.  Chili and sweetcorn sauce is added to the Mexican falafel.  Pesto, goats cheese and eggplant are the extras in the Mediterranean falafel.

The Hummus Bar

The Hummus Bar is our favorite place to eat hummus in Raanana.  Located on Ahuza Street, their hummus is fresh and made daily.  On a sunny day you can sit outside and enjoy a bit of ‘people-watching’

Borochov 88

Here the emphasis is on good food, quality ingredients, excellent coffee and desserts.  Their set breakfasts are very popular and their Shakshuka is very tasty.  Their salads are really nice and the Haloumi salad met all our expectations.  Salad portions are large.

There is a branch on Ahuza Street too.

Makom BeLev (not Kosher)

Makom BeLev means ‘a place in my heart.  This restaurant on Pardes Meshutaf Street is the place to go if you are celebrating a special occasion; for an office lunch or just looking for a good meal  with the children.

Leora has been going there for years. She says “We love the food.  No matter what we choose, the reasonably priced buffet or from the a-la-carte menu, we are always satisfied. I often do lunch there with my girl-friends and we usually order soups and freshly baked, home-made breads.  The gardens are really pretty and it is so restful to sit in a quiet corner in the shade of the trees.  In the winter we sit inside the stone cottage which is warm and cozy.  Their portions are large, their deserts are delicious and it’s good value for money”

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