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ALIYAHCourses for English Speakers in Israel.

Courses for English Speakers in Israel.

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Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Study in Israel in English

Universities, International Schools, Academic Programs, Courses & Other Options

Hebrew: לימודים וקורסים בשפה האנגלית

Some of Israel’s university campuses (Image credit – Google Maps)

As a new oleh you may have to consider re-qualifying or upgrading your current qualifications to meet Israel’s professional requirements. or simply, you may just want to study in Israel.

In Israel, there are university and college courses, on-line courses, commercial courses, courses offered by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption as well as the Unemployment Bureau.

Or, you may wish to start ‘upskilling’ with an online nanodegree from institutes like Udemy or Udacity.

The IDC –  Reichman University

The IDC – Inter Disciplinary Center, now called the Reichman University in Herzliyah offers students a diverse range of high-level academic programs, in English, including:

  • BA in Business Administration
  • BA in Communications
  • BA in Government
  • BA in Psychology
  • MBA in Business Administration
  • MA in Government Diplomacy & Conflict Studies, Counter-Terrorism & Homeland Securities
  • MA in Organizational Behavior

Training Course for English Teachers

Lots of English speaking olim seriously consider English teaching as a new  career.

  • Eligibility to the ongoing programs are only for those with an approved teaching degree and license and after appearing at a Ministry of Education committee meeting. (Depending on demand, we have heard that this condition is sometimes waived).
  • If the teacher is approved by the Ministry of Education they are invited to join a program of courses provided free by the Ministry of Education as part of the process to become a teacher.
  • Courses open dependent on number of Olim teachers and this is also true in regards to location

There are also over twenty teacher training colleges in Israel – most of which will award only a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Misrad Haklitah – The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption

Misrad Haklitah – The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption subsidizes retraining programs for new Olim who have been Israeli citizens for up to 10 years. You can sign up for this program – called the Voucher Program – through your local Misrad Haklitah representative. The subsidy is dependent on available funding and the number of Olim who apply.

Professional Hebrew Writing Courses

Courses are offered to Olim who are able to speak, read and write Hebrew, however are not yet confident in writing professional and official letters, meeting summaries or official reports.

Technical Writing Courses

If you are interested in entering the world of technical writing, lots of technical and marketing writing companies offer technical writing courses.

English-speaking engineers, programmers, mathematicians and physicists and other techies can put their expertise, experience and English into practice.

Become a Hebrew to English translator

A few years into your Aliyah you might want to consider a career in translation.  Hebrew University and Beit Berl College amongst others, offer courses.

Setting up a Business in Israel

MATI the small and medium business development organization was originally established in 1989 new immigrants set up businesses.  MATI  operates branches country wide.  You can attend one of their many courses or benefit from personal coaching and mentoring.

Local universities & Colleges

  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI)
  • Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS)
  • Bar-Ilan University (BIU)
  • Tel Aviv University (TAU)
  • University of Haifa (HU)
  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU)
  • Open University of Israel (OPENU)
  • Ariel University1 (AU)
  • Reichman University (RU

From north to south, there are some 50 colleges and vocational training institutes in Israel.


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