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Contact the Israel Ministry of Health

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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Calling the Israel Ministry of Health (MOH) – contact information in English.

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Need to contact Misrad Habriut (Heb: משרד הבריאות), the Israel Ministry of Health? The Israel MOH can be contacted for matters pertaining to the Covid-19 novel coronavirus and other general medical and healthcare enquiries by dialing *5400 from any phone.

Once you have dialed the number your call will be answered with an automated message in Hebrew welcoming you to the service.

In Hebrew, you will then be asked to select one of three options

  1. Confirmation of an SMS you have received from the MOH (If you received an SMS message, you will have received a link that allows you to transfer to a Whatsapp chat)
  2. Corona enquiries
  3. Other general enquiries

Press the number according to your specific needs.

You will then hear music and another Hebrew message “The call queue is longer than usual. Please be patient.  We are doing our best to improve the service”.

1.  If you selected option 1 (SMS confirmation as above), you will be contacted later.

2. If you selected option 2 (Corona enquiries as above), you will be prompted to select:

Hebrew service (press 1)

Arabic (press 2)

NOTE: There is no English, Russian or Amharic option.

Upon selecting Hebrew service (1) two further options will be given:

For service via Whatsapp – press 1

For all other information – press 2

3.  If you selected option 3 (general enquiries as above), you will hear music and another welcome message:

For Hebrew – press 1

For English – press 2

For Arabic – press 3

Naturally we pressed ‘2’ for English. However, the next set of instructions were in Hebrew – not in English.

The translation of instructions from Hebrew into English is:

The MOH is happy to offer you a new service; Tipat Halav (Family Health Clinic)

For Tipat Halav or the nurses station, press 9

For all other enquiries, press 2

For urgent Corona matters, please hold the line

On selecting ‘2’ an English announcement followed:

For Tipat Halav clinics – press 1

For immunizations – press 2

For healthcare professions and exams – press 3

For road safety matters – press 4

For rehabilitation and long-term hospitalization matters – press 5

Instructions for businesses owners – press 6

For all other matters – press 7

Prior to making our selection, another Hebrew message followed:

For urgent Corona matters, please hold the line, for general corona enquiries please call *5400 again and select option 2 – Corona enquiries.

This message was followed by a further instruction:

Please enter your Teudat Zehut (Israel ID) number followed by the hash tag #

Your ID number is repeated by the automated services

To confirm – press 1

To change – press 2

Another message followed:

Calls may be recorded for service improvement

And then finally ;

Please hold for a service representative

No need to tear you hair out! For Hebrew to English translations of other automated answering machines for important services in Israel, please click here…

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