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Camp Sites – North, Galilee & Golan

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Last Updated on July 27, 2021


Your Camping Holiday in Israel – Best Camp Sites in Northern Israel

Hebrew: חניוני לילה – אתרי קמפינג בצפון

Note: Since the onset of the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic all visits to camp sites run by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority must be coordinated prior to your visit.

Here are some of our favorite camp sites in Northern Israel:

Dag al HaDan

Location: On the Chatzbani stream (Nahal Ha’Chatzbani ) in the upper Galilee

Facilities: Restrooms, showers with hot water, lighting, electricity sockets, picnic  tables, BBQs, security , kiosk

Address: Henyon Dag Al Ha’Dan.

Telephone: 04-6950225, 054-5897309

Our Top Tip:  Enjoy a meal at the restaurant at Dag Al Ha’Dan for fresh, fresh fish,  An outstanding setting as well.

Ganei Huga Park

Location: North, Kinneret

Facilities: Electricity (24 volts) luxurious rest room, hot showers, cafeteria, refrigerators

Address: Ma’ayanot Huga Park, Ezorey Ha’Emek Center Beit Shean

Telephone: 04-6581111

Hof Dor Tantura (Dor Beach)

Location: At the village resort Tantura near Zichron Yaacov

Facilities: Electricity and lighting, refrigerators and  life guard. You must bring your own BBQ.

Address: Village resort Dor D.N Carmel Beach   

Telephone: 04-6399121, 052-4513062

Achziv National Park

Location: Next to the natural sea pools at Achziv Beach,western lower Galil area.

Facilities: Grassy areas, showers, restrooms, a kiosk and picnic tables

Address: Achziv Beach National Park.  Telephone: 04-9823263

Tzemach Beach

Location: On the west side of the Kineret (Sea of Galilee)

Facilities: Chalets and plenty of grassy ares to pitch your tents, electricity,  Sun umbrellas, comfortable chairs and tanning beds, well equipped locker rooms, hot showers and restrooms, water sports, life-guard, restaurant, convenience store, easy access for disabled and plenty of parking

Camping tip:  As well as water sports, there are a variety of  fun water slides for the whole family also, an infant swimming pool.

Hurshat Tal

Hurshat Tal offers camping and grass hut accommodation

Location: North, 5km east of Kiryat Shmona

Facilities: Swimming in rock pools, life-guard, a fishing park, mini-market and cafeteria, refrigerators, electricity, clean ablutions, expansive lawn for pitching tents, shaded camping area, streams and creeks adjacent to the camping area, grass bungalows and chalets, water slides.

Camping Tips: The large water slides are only open in August.  The 3 smaller slides for children are open all summer and are free. The river water is so cold that you can even keep your watermelon and soft drinks chilled in it. Try to pitch your tent underneath one of the large, ancient oak trees,  The park is closed in the winter

Address:  Rd. no. 99, near Kiryat Shmona   Telephone: 04 694 5011

Dugit Beach

Location: The far north-eastern side of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

Facilities: Canoeing,  variety of water sports activities, water park. All  tent accommodation on the lawn, showers, restrooms, super market and cafeteria

Address: Road no. 92

Tel: 04-667 8000

Hukuk Beach

Location: North-western shore of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

Facilities: Parking, lawns and shaded areas, showers, restrooms, camping tables, lighting, a convenience store and BBQ facilities.  Swim at your own risk; there is no life-guard on duty.

Address: Road No. 90, the north-western shore of the Kinneret between Ginosaur and Capernaum (Kfar Nachum)

Telephone: 04-6715440Yarden Beach

Location: Northern shore of the Kinneret

Facilities: Electricity sockets, lighting, restrooms, water coolers, showers, camping tables, amusement park, supermarket, green lawns

Address: Close to the Kinneret junction and Kibbutz Kinneret.

Telephone: 050-4668661, 04-6759499

Kibbutz Dafna

Location: Kibbutz Dafna, Northern Israel, near Kiryat Shmona

Facilites:  Well tended lawns, parking, plenty of shade, tables, Night lighting and a connection to 220 V electricity, running water, refrigerators, restrooms and showers.

Address: Kibbutz Dafna, about 8 km from HaGoshrim Junction

Gan HaShlosha (Sachne) National Park

Location: The park is off road 669 between Hashita junction and Bet She’an, 15 minutes from Bet She’an; Kavim bus line 412 from Bet She’an to Afula reaches the site.

Facilities: For groups of over 200 people, by reservation only.  Also, life-guard; showers restaurant; wheelchair access; pool; shady areas; picnic tables; playground

Top Tips: The park has naturally warm water all year round – about 28 degrees Celsius. A stunning place, magnificent pools, highly recommended for a family outing as well.

Mishmar HaCarmel National Park

Location: Atlit-Bet Oren road  No. 721

Facilities: Well-lit and organized campgrounds, showers and toilets, kitchen (with refrigerator and stoves), picnic tables and snack bar

Directions: About 1 km west of Kibbutz Bet Oren, adjacent to the ancient quarries.

Tel: 04-8220005

The Yehudiya Forest & Nature Reserve

Location: The reserve is located approximately 5.5 km south of Katsrin.

Facilities: Information center, overnight camping, rest area, picnic tables, snack-bar, rappelling (by prior reservation)

Address: Road no. 87 – 7 km east of the Yehudiya junction,

Tel: 04-6963043 or 04-6962817

Top Tip: The hexagonal pools in the Zavitan Stream and the Meshushim Pool are not to be missed.  A beautiful setting for a picnic too.  The river is full of stones and pebbles, so don’t forget suitable water shoes

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