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Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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Public Service Information

Latest Israel Updates

Israel under attack. Latest updates from Southern Israel. More than 600 rocket launches over Israel since the beginning of the escalation. The IDF attacked hundreds...

Israel Zip Postal Area Codes

The Israel zip postal area codes directory - an English translation. If you are searching for a local Israel zip postal area code, the IsraelPost...

How to vote in Israel elections

How to vote in the upcoming Israel elections - a step-by-step guide for first time or rusty voters. Party lists and authorized representative

Israel Holidays 2020

Israel holidays 2020. A list of Jewish, Christian. Muslim, Druze and Bahai holidays celebrated in Israel during 2020

MyVisit Appointment App for Israel

Appointment making with public offices made easy with the myVisit Appointment App. A revolutionary must-have appointment app now available in Israel - myVisit, for iPhone...

Israel Cellphone Cheapest Call Plans

Which Israel cellphone companies are offering the cheapest call plans? Special limited offer! Golan Telecom The Golan Telecom 40GB...

Moshe Arens Dies

Former Minister of Defense, Moshe Arens dies. Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens passed away in his sleep on Monday, January 7th, 2019 at the...

Home Front Command – Pikud HaOref – Latest Instructions

Home Front Command - Pikud HaOref - latest instructions for the next 24 hours (from 12/11/18 at 22:30 until 13/11/18 at 22:30)

Israel Personal Imports: Television, Routers & Receivers

Personal Imports into Israel: Television, Routers & Receivers. Israel consumers are exempt from obtaining a personal import license for televisions, routers and receivers.   Israel Personal Imports:...

Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind IGDCB

IGDCB Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind breeds, raises, trains and partners guide dogs for blind and visually impaired Israelis at no

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