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Aliyah ShippingIsrael Personal Imports: Television, Routers & Receivers

Israel Personal Imports: Television, Routers & Receivers

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Last Updated on December 7, 2021

Personal Imports into Israel: Television, Routers & Receivers.

Israel consumers are exempt from obtaining a personal import license for televisions, routers and receivers.

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Israel Personal Imports: On October 28th, 2018, Ynet reported that The Minister of Communications Ayoub Kara, signed an amendment enabling the online purchase of devices that use communications frequencies without a license. This will result in a much faster release of these items from customs and also a saving of hundreds of shekels to consumers. The amendment does not include drones and items for smart-homes.

Minister of Communications Ayoub Kara signed an amendment to the original Telegraph Order  on Sunday, October 28th, 2018. Consumers who purchase electronic equipment from abroad for their own or family use will not be required to obtain a licenses or approval from the Ministry of Communications. Imports are limited to a maximum of five devices.

Some  items are already exempt from licenses such as computer monitors, games (eg Playstation, XBox) or book readers (like Kindle).

Also exempt are computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard or speakers), printers, document scanners, copiers, home or office video projector, streamers, tablets, laptops or desktop computes, cameras (not including security cameras), vacuum cleaners, wireless electric chargers, home audio systems, home audio amplifiers, routers and receivers.

Currently consumers who purchase items online from abroad paid around 250NIS to courier companies. This amendment will also result in fewer delays at customs.

This initiative follows the government’s decision of January 2018 on removing barriers to personal import as a means of reducing the cost of living.

The amendment will be published in the coming days and will take effect in a few weeks.


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