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employment contract israel
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Last Updated on November 17, 2021

Join one of Israel’s many professional networking groups.

Hebrew:קבוצות נטוורקינג

employment contract israel

Long ago, the Israelis invented professional networking but called it by a different name.  They called it Protekzia (or Vitamin P as it is commonly known today).

It’s a well established fact that in Israel, if you want something, need to get something done or be accepted into a specialized fraternity or group, the best way is through a connection or with Protekzia.

Some say that if you want to get into a particular unit in the army you don’t do it in the normal way – apply, try out etc.  Your dad’s best friend, Moishe, who fought with him in the Yom Kippur War, is now the Minister of Defense.  Dad will give him a call, he’ll call someone else and organize it.

You need root canal work? Your hairdresser’s brother is a dentist and he is “nehedar” – outstanding – he’ll do it for you and at a good price.  The same is true about getting a job in Israel, do it via your network.

There are many great groups and networks out there.  More and more jobs are being advertised in these groups and networks and in social media and you should be using them too.

These are the  professional networking groups, developed by and associated with the Anglo-list, on LinkedIn

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