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LegalPlastic Surgery in Israel.

Plastic Surgery in Israel.

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Last Updated on December 9, 2021

“Plastic Surgery Defined”

By: Dr. Ram Kalus 

ram kalus plastic surgeon israel150When most people think of PLASTIC SURGERY they think of celebrities and glamour, but not always in the most favorable light. To the contrary, those celebrities who may proudly boast of their surgical exploits may not do justice to what plastic surgery really is, since sadly they may not always have the best care, despite their fame and fortune.

Plastic Surgery as a specialty was invented about 3,000 years ago in ancient India where the punishment for common thievery was nasal amputation. After paying their dues, so to speak, those unfortunate individuals who were punished so severely tried to rehabilitate themselves by removing the blatant stigma of the absence of their nose, and thus nasal reconstruction and plastic surgery were born. Amazingly the very same surgery which was performed 3,000 years ago is still performed today for patients needing nasal reconstruction following skin cancer removal, trauma, or burns.

Whether we agree or disagree that it is a good or bad thing that our appearance matters, we are nevertheless social animals, and the fact remains that in the course of a normal day the vast majority of people whom we see or see us will never speak with us, and the only impression of each other will be based exclusively on our respective appearance. Therefore, what we see when we look in the mirror can have a tremendous impact on how we feel about ourselves, and therefore the confidence (or lack thereof) we may project as we walk out the door. This is particularly true in children and adolescents as personalities and identities can be quite fragile as they take form. 

ram kalus plastic surgery israel

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries – Before and After
Courtesy of Dr. Kalus

The fact is that for most of us, our appearance falls under a bell shaped curve of “normal”. Some of us are blessed with exceptional good looks and/or a model figure, and others of us are less fortunate, but most of us appear normal and acceptable. We can therefore appreciate that appearance lies on a continuum. None of us would argue that a cleft lip or disfiguring burn scar, or loss of a breast due to cancer should be corrected to restore that patient’s appearance to be in line with “normal”, yet what about a minor scar in the middle of a forehead or nose from a fall on the sidewalk, or resulting from excision of a mole? That particular seemingly minor problem can in fact pose a major source of concern for that particular individual, and should we judge them for that as “vain”? 

Clearly, there are patients who go overboard and become addicted and almost obsessed about changing their face or body, and the challenge for an experienced plastic surgeon is to recognize which patients may have deeper psychological voids or issues that are more appropriately addressed by a psychologist, rather than the scalpel of a plastic surgeon.

Yet all of us are subject to external and internal influences that affect how we feel about ourselves. This can certainly be true in the young mother who cherishes her beautiful children, yet may be discouraged by the price her body may have paid to bear those children. The term “Mommy Makeover” refers to the treatment of changes that a woman’s body undergoes after one or more pregnancies, especially to the breasts and tummy. This can be even more concerning if accompanied by any element of post-partum depression. In the breasts, once can see a variety of changes, most commonly initial enlargement, followed by loss of volume, often with increased sagging or drooping due to a looser skin envelope. In the tummy, some of the skin that has been stretched out may not return to entirely normal, occasionally leaving stretch marks or a looser abdominal wall musculature. It is quite common to address both the abdomen and the tummy with a single operation under one anesthesia, usually with a complete recovery within two to four weeks, depending on which procedure was performed.

Dr. Kalus has extensive experience with both breast surgery and tummy surgery, and especially with performing both surgeries safely and efficiently, allowing for an expedited recovery with a restored sense of self confidence. That same busy young Mom may also wear the stresses of her very active household on her face, with not enough sleep, the stresses of motherhood, marriage, work, etc. This can result in frown or worry lines, bags or hollowing under the eyes, etc. The same young Mom who may be unhappy with her breasts or tummy may actually benefit from Botox or Hyaluronic Acid fillers to give a more refreshed, youthful, and less tired appearance. This in turn can impact most favorably on her mood. 

In summary, the role of plastic surgery should ideally complement a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating, the proper amount of sleep and exercise, and fulfillment both personally and professionally, even if that profession is a full time Mom. Just as being worn down can make you appear worn down, which can in turn make you even more depressed, so too that negative cycle can be reversed by looking better and therefore feeling better. 

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kalus please call 052-675-0606 or to learn more please visit our website at PlasticSurgeryIsrael.co.il, or PlasticSurgeryCarolina.com, or find us on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/DRRAMKALUS.

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