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Lag B’Omer Laughter

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Last Updated on December 9, 2021

10 of the best Lag B’Omer jokes to share  around the bonfire.

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There is nothing quite like Jewish humor, Jewish mother and guilt jokes, food jokes and endless jokes were we poke fun at ourselves.  Some of the world’s best comedians are Jewish; Groucho Marx, Jackie Mason, Jerry Seinfeld, Joan Rivers and Mel Brooks to name but a few. Here are a few jokes to share around your Lag B’Omer bonfire.

Q: How many Google employees does it take to light a bonfire?

A: Five. One to the light the match and 4 to design the home-page graphics

Q. What do you call the a baby potato on Lag B’Omer

A: Small fry.

Just in time for Lag B’Omer, Intel Israel announces its greatest invention to date. Hailed as the fastest and best microprocessor of all times – the potato chip.

Lag B’omer is for pyromaniacs who weren’t satisfied with Hanukkah.

 What started a fire online? Tinder.

A man comes home and find his house on fire. He rushes next door, phones the fire department and shouts “Hurry – my house is on fire!”

“OK,” replies the fireman, “how do we get there?”

“Don’t you still have those big red trucks?”

Q: What do you call a potato that smokes weed?
A: A baked potato.

Q: What do you call a potato that’s reluctant to jump into boiling water?

A: A hesi-tater.

A young Israeli returns from an extended trip in India just in time for Lag B’Omer – “I was going to try walking on hot burning coals but I got cold feet.”

Q: What is a potato’s life philosophy?

A: I think, therefore I yam.

Have a joke you’d like to share with us?  Please do in the comments section below.

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