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Jewish IdentityThe Hebrew Month of Shevat

The Hebrew Month of Shevat

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Last Updated on December 7, 2021

The Hebrew month of Shevat aligns with Aquarius. It’s time to move ahead!

Hebrew: שבט

Contributed by: Rav Nissim Mordechai Makor

jewish month of shevat tu b'shevat
Tu B’shevat a time to plant trees (Unsplash)


This time we are exploring the Hebrew month of Shevat. Remember, astrology is all about learning what the energy of each month is, because you cannot act the same way every month. Every month has a different energy and if you don’t know what it is, the month can become a problem.

As mentioned last month, both Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by the planet Saturn. Having a common planet ruling them does not mean that they possess similar qualities. Actually Aquarius and Capricorn could not be more different. Capricorn is an earth sign while Aquarius is a air sign. Capricorn’s are stuck to the earth while those born under Aquarius, fly around the sky. 
Capricorn’s like to build structures, Aquarians like to tear them down. 
We see from the planet Saturn, that one aspect faces back into the solar system towards the Sun while the other faces out to the infinity of space. 
You cannot ignore an Aquarian, they are the Zodiacs eccentrics. They are different from other people and believe they can change the universe by themselves. They see the problem already fixed. They struggle to focus on the details. They just see the big picture. Time has no hold on an Aquarian. 
Aquarius is a good time to move ahead with projects. There is an awakening for growth and expansion in this month. The secret though is that the awakening has to come from below, from us. This is the concept of Maim Nukvin. Below is a brief explanation of this concept. 
“When we develop within ourselves a great longing and yearning for Hashem, this produces a corresponding yearning on His part and a union is created(zivug). This is a big secret. In Kabbalah we call this Maim Nukvim and Maim Dochrim. What does this mean? Main Nukvim is our effort to serve Hashem while Maim Dochrim is the energy/light(Siyata deShemaya) Hashem gives us in return for our effort. It is not always something that we can actually feel, but it is never in doubt that it is there. Some people are sensitive to things and can actually feel this energy, like a warm glow all around them. 
Hashem gives us energy/light(life force) regardless of whether we yearn for it or not. This is one of the biggest gifts that we get as it is unconditional, regardless if we deserve it or not. 
The secret here is for that our arousal toward Hashem will precede His arousal towards us. This relates to the statement of Chazal that “when a woman’s seed exits first during marital relations then she gives birth to a male.”  This light comes with mercy/rachamim. NB!
However, when man does not arouse himself to Hashem, then it is Hashem that initiates His desire for man, for Hashem desires for man to return to Him. This relates to the statement, “when a man’s seed exits first then the woman gives birth to a daughter.” Unfortunately this scenario comes with the attribute of judgement.  
Great damage takes place when a person feels no spiritual stirring to return to Hashem”.
This is the tikkun of the Aquarius. To focus on the details. Get the job done. They have to change their nature. Make the first move. 
The month of Aquarius symbolizes redemption. You can actually feel it this month. The Aquarian sees the unity already there. He feels that it is already done, but we live in the physical world where actions count, and this is the weak point of the Aquarian. 

We have the holiday of Tu B’shevat in Shevat. What is this holiday all about? It is said that Tu B’shevat is the Rosh Hashana – the New Year –  of the vegetable kingdom. 
On the fifteenth of the month, full moon/powerful day, we have the holiday of Tu B’Shevat. The same as we have Rosh Hashanah, the vegetable kingdom has Tu B’Shevat What is the lesson we learn from the vegetable kingdom, the tree. 
Everything is this world is subject to gravity. Drop a coin off a building and guaranteed it will fall to the street below. This is nature, gravity. The tree and plants are different. The grow up. They defy gravity and actually overcome it. Look at a tree 50 feet high and see how proud it stands, erect, going against nature. Like a tree, Aquarian’s have the power to break through the constraints of the physical world and tap into the world of miracles. This is a very good attribute to have. 
A miracle is something above nature. The word in Hebrew for miracle is Nes. The root of this word is Lanoos, to run away. When we run away from our nature and go against it, we go above nature and bring MIRACLES into our lives. 
Use this holiday to connect to this energy of miracles. Look into your life, and I am sure you will find something to go against. Start small and guaranteed Hashem will help you succeed. 
In Hebrew, Aquarius is Dli or דלי, meaning bucket or pitcher. The sign is represented by a water bearer, pouring water. Water represents mercy and purification and the whole pouring means no limit. 
The letters of the month are tzadik and bet. The line of the Ana Bekoach is the same as Capricorn, the first line. 
The month is actually split into two, the first two weeks are judgement and the last two are mercy. 
Aquarian’s believe they can change the world highhandedly. This is their power. The tap into the Redemption because they see everything already fixed and unified. They can tap into the universal consciousness. If they are able to put their ideas into practice, they can become very big. 
Chodesh Tov!!

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