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Israel General Power of Attorney

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Last Updated on November 27, 2021

The Israel General Power of Attorney

Hebrew:  (Yipoy Koach)יפוי כח

Power of AttorneyA power of attorney is a document that you sign, authorizing another person – mostly your Israeli lawyer to take legal action, on your behalf.  The Israeli Bar Association rules, an Israeli lawyer may not take any action on behalf of a client, without a properly authorized power of attorney (POA).  There is a standard POA form and it is widely used by Israeli lawyers.

When do I need a Power of Attorney?

  1. You will need a POA when you require a lawyer to represent you in court, before Israeli government and public offices, municipalities and more.
  2. For real estate transactions. The seller signs this type of POA, thereby giving his/her lawyer to transfer the real estate rights to the buyer.
  3. To  represent another person when handling money, bank accounts, investments, buy property, mortgage, sell etc. This is called a General Power of Attorney.
  4. A statutory health power of attorney form –  is relevant for people, who are living in Israel, or who visit Israel and want to appoint a healthcare agent, if they are unable to make healthcare decisions.  It is important to execute this through an Israeli lawyer, as the statutory form must be used.

A POA in Israel must be in Hebrew.  So if you are a new immigrant ask your lawyer to explain the document to you.  They will not provide a full translation (unless you pay for it) but they will give a brief explanation.

An example of a POA form in Hebrew


אני הח”מ ____________ ת.ז. ______________ ממנה בזה את מר _______

ת.ז .____________ לעשות ולפעול בשמי ובמקומי בכל הפעולות בהקשר לעניין: _______________________________________






טלפון  _____________________

חתימה וחותמת ________________


Our translation:

General Power of Attorney

I the undersigned ________________________

Identity Number________________________

Hereby appoint ________________________

Identity Number ________________________

to act on my behalf on all matters concerning:

1. ________________________

2. ________________________

3. ________________________

4. ________________________

Lawyer’s name ________________________

Telephone number ________________________

Signature and official stamp ________________________

Date ________________________

Disclaimer: Please note that this is for information purposes only and this POA example should not be used in place of an official document drawn up by a legal professional.  We urge you to consult with an attorney before signing a POA.

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