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Haifa Stairs Marathon

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Last Updated on April 30, 2018

The Haifa Stairs Marathon, Friday May 4th, 2018

Hebrew: מרוץ המדרגות חיפה


haifa stairs marathonImage credit: Haifastairs.co.il

The Haifa Stairs Marathon is a particularly challenging experience for athletes combining running and climbing. The route starts at the Port Campus in downtown Haifa and continues up the stairs through the city until the finish line at Gan Ha’em (Mother’s Park) in the Central Carmel.

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The route combines running and stair climbing in all conditions and surfaces; old uneven cobbled stairs to newly laid and perfectly flat stairs and pathways. Wind your way through the city and enjoy the breathtaking scenery from many different aspects.

Arrival time: 06:00am

Starting time: 08:00am


Section 1: The Port Campus until Hanevi’im St.

Section 2: HaNeviim St. up to Arlozorov

Section 3: Arlozorov up to Bnei Zion Hospital

Section 4: Bnei Zion Hospital to Yefe Nof Street

Section 5: Yefe Nof up to Gan Ha’Em

Fun facts

Route length: 3km

Ascending:  From sea-level to a height of 300m above sea-level

Number of stairs: 1,075 for beginners and 1,500 for seasoned athletes  (whew!!!)

Registration (Hebrew only)


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