HaGoshrim Hotel & Nature

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Last Updated on October 21, 2021

HaGoshrim Hotel & Nature hotel

The Amir Faur, originally the Ottoman ruler of the northern Hula Valley and the Golan Heights, owned an impressive winter palace. He sold it to the Jewish National fund in 1940. The years passed, and one of the most idyllic hotels in Israel rose from the original remains: the HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel, a rare meeting of Natures magic, and lavish hospitality. Small rivulets and picturesque springs flow across the hotel grounds and through the kibbutz where it lies, creating a unique and enchanted corner of Nature. In order to tour, you need only step out of the guestroom, immediately finding yourself in The Valley of the Lost River, a circular, pastoral walking route, suitable for all the family. The hotels open spaces allow children to wander freely, The hotel complex includes a Health and Sports Center with 2 swimming-pools (one covered, heated pool and an open, summer pool), a gym, sauna, basketball court, squash court and a spa-treatment wing offering a choice of varied and pampering treatments. As part of the hotels concept, meals are based on a fresh, Galilee menu, a top-quality culinary experience.

Several of Israel’s loveliest tourist sites are within a short drive of the hotel, including the Agamon HaHula Nature Reserve, Mount Hermon and the Banias Reserve. Extreme Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the varied activities in the region: jeep trips, ATVs, bike trails and the highlight: kayaking on the rivers (with a discount for hotel guests).

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Type of
Link to the main category Accommodation
Region North
Hotel Classification Not Classified
Address Kibbutz HaGoshrim
Swimming Pool Yes
WiFi Free of Charge
Kosher Yes
Parking Yes
Accessibility Yes



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