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Medical & HealthGreen Pass eligibility for Israelis vaccinated abroad.

Green Pass eligibility for Israelis vaccinated abroad.

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Last Updated on October 22, 2021

Do you perhaps have the answer for a reader who sent us this question regarding her eligibility for the Green Pass?

“Perhaps my problem is being faced by others as well:

With regard to the Green Pass, I had my first two shots in Israel and received a vaccination certificate. I was in the States for the summer and in August (8 months after the second one in Israel) received a 3rd shot and an American vaccine certificate for the 3rd shot.

Returning to Israel in early October, I had a covid test at B-G [Ben Gurion] and received a confirmation of a negative result the next day.

I then went to the MOH website and tried to enter my information on the tofes ramzor form and the reply was that I was not eligible for a Green pass.

*5400 [Ministry of Health Hot Line] did not respond at the MOH and I began to get calls and visits from the “policecovid”.

I learned that my kupa – Clalit – should make sure my record with the 3rd shot was correct. I did, but am still getting the note that I am not eligible. I do not know who to turn to and how to get the Green pass to which I am entitled.

I hope you can address this as I expect I am not the only one with a 3rd shot from abroad. Thank you!”

As you will see in the comments section below, and from other responses we got via Facebook, the answer is as follows:

You need to get an official document certifying your vaccination. In this instance, the reader was from the USA and so she needed a certification from the CDC confirming that she had had the vaccination.

You need to submit that certification to your Health Fund.

It will take some time, even a few weeks, until all the paperwork is done but once it is, you should receive notification from your Health Fund confirming this.

Once the system has been fully updated, there should be no problem getting the Green Pass.

Update: The reader updated us and said that after a few more days, her eligibility was confirmed and she was delighted that the ‘covid police’ had stopped banging on her door.

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  1. This is the reply we received from a reader who wished to remain anonymous: It was very simple what I did: after I was done with my recent bidud [isolation], I went to the Maccabi office where they give immunizations and explained what I needed. The took my basic info,: name, TZ [teudat zehut #], phone, copied my CDC card and told me a nurse would call me. And that is what happened. I spoke to the nurse on the phone, she put the info in the computer system.

  2. I recently saw a post from a woman who had her first two shots in the US pre-Aliyah. They were both the Moderna vaccine which, as I understand it is accepted here. She has now arrived on Aliyah and wants to get her 3rd shot and seems to be having difficulty getting her Kupah to do this.

    Do you have any knowledge of special or different issues for those who have gotten Moderna abroad?

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