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Rosh HashanahIsrael Coronavirus Rosh Hashanah Updates

Israel Coronavirus Rosh Hashanah Updates

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Last Updated on September 2, 2021

Coronavirus updates for Rosh Hashanah and all the upcoming Tishrei festivals

28 August 2021

It’s official! No lockdown or curfew over Rosh Hashanah.

23 August 2021

  • Travelers to Uman, Ukraine: all travelers traveling to Uman over the Rosh Hashana holidays will be required to be tested 72 hours before their flight – vaccinated or not. Similarly, returning travelers will require a coronavirus test 72 hours prior to their return flight as well as a third test at Ben Gurion airport.

22 August 2021

  • The coronavirus infection rate – the “R” rate, in Israel has dropped slightly. If this trend continues, a curfew over the holidays may not be necessary.
  • Israel will not be opening its borders to incoming tourists for the Tishrei holidays. Borders are only expected to open in October.
  • Travel directives allowing Hasidim to travel to Uman, over Rosh Hashanah, are expected to be on tonight’s corona cabinet meeting.
  • Daily coronavirus updates

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