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Aliyah StoriesAliyah: The Craziest Decision I Ever Made -- And I love it

Aliyah: The Craziest Decision I Ever Made — And I love it

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Last Updated on August 24, 2021

Aliyah: The Craziest Decision I Ever Made — And I love it

By:  Moshe 

moshe beaufordA few months ago, I left my family, friends, my whole world for that matter, back in America: not knowing what to expect as a Jew, as an oleh chadash or as a black man. I didn’t have the highest of expectations for Israel — I can’t lie. I rationalized my uneasiness by thinking about the fact that I was fulfilling my lifelong Zionist goal of living in Israel. I had hopes to marry a Jewish woman, raise kids, grow old and die in Israel. I left behind every sense of “normality,” and not to much surprise, I’ve been met with many difficulties and equally as many wins along the way.

This is an all-too-common story for most olim my age (25-years-old). Fortunately for myself I was realistic in coming to Israel. I was able to manage my expectations by telling myself that I would have sad days, good days, long days and a number of restless nights.

All of that brings me to today.

I can honestly say, I have gained a fonder appreciation for the State of Israel at this point in my life. Here’s why: the country as a whole took a chance on me, paid me to relocate, not much, but it was enough to help me got on my feet. After one month, I found a job working with one of Israel’s leading public relations firms in the high tech industry. I have been able to immerse myself deeply into Israeli culture and music by meeting local bands, playing with them and learning where their inspiration comes from. This for me has been life-changing.

As I close in on 120 days in Israel, I can already say that I have a had an easier Aliyah process / transition to the country than most. I do however still have a lot to learn. I have the tendency to be ethnocentric and say certain things are “weird,” as they aren’t quite the western way of doing things. Things like taking off work just to go to the bank or taking a sick day and realizing that I wouldn’t be paid for it, really confused me.

I had to stop, think, and manage my expectations.

It is my hope to eventually move past that and see Israel for what it really is, one of the youngest yet oldest startup nations in the world, a place so rich in culture, delicious food, beautiful scenery, history and of course, women, a country littered with racism, yet making serious strides at ridding itself of this. I love Israel and all it imperfections, and I encourage anyone making Aliyah to do it, it’s the experience of a lifetime, and you know what they say: ״If not now, when?”

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