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Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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Lockdown Details & Israel Coronavirus Red Zones

Lockdown details, exit strategy, red zones & the traffic light system. In the fight against the coronavirus, Prof. Ronni Gamzu (Israel's Coronarus Coordinator) put a traffic...

Israel Traffic Light Plan

Israel's traffic light plan - red, green, yellow and orange zones. 31 August Traffic light plan as outlined and published in YNET (August 31st), will divide the...

Israel Coronavirus Updates for August

Quick-Read: Daily Israel Coronavirus Updates for August. At the beginning of August over 18 million cases of the novel coronavirus had been diagnosed world-wide.  Covid-19...

Israel Coronavirus Support & Resources.

Support & resources on all matters of the coronavirus in Israel. After receiving numerous emails from members of Israel's Anglo community requesting coronavirus support information,...

Coronavirus Testing in Israel

Who qualifies for coronavirus testing in Israel? UPDATE: October 7th, 2021 If you are a member of one of the 4 health funds, you can still...

Coronavirus Israel: Daily updates – July 2020

Coronavirus Israel: July daily updates. The month of July started with 25,244 diagnosed Covid-19 coronavirus cases in Israel. By the middle of the month there...

Coronavirus Grant

Are you entitled to a Coronavirus grant? Anglo-List & Nardis Advisors webinar follow-up. Friends If you were unable to participate in the webinar, this video summarizes the key...

Coronavirus: Daily Israel Updates – June 2020

More than 17,000 Covid-19 coronavirus cases have been diagnosed in Israel and more than 280 deaths have been reported. May 2020

Coronavirus: Daily Updates – May 2020

Coronavirus: Quick read - Daily updates for May and Israel's timetable for lifting restrictions. 31.05.20 - 6.06am 17,012 is the total number of diagnosed cases...

Plan to open Israel’s economy

The next phase in lifting pandemic restrictions.  Opening Israel's economy. The proposed plan for the next few weeks... Until May 5th All 1st - 3rd...

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