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20 Most Popular Aliyah Destinations for 2022

Where are new olim settling after Aliyah? There are large English speaking communities across Israel but new pockets of English speakers are

Israel’s Messianic Community

The Messianic Community in Israel By: David Silver What is the Messianic faith? Messianic Judaism refers to a movement that combines the Christian belief that Jesus is...

Aliyah & Living in Tel Mond – Mevaser Zion

Is your Aliyah destination the Tel Mond -  Mevaser Zion community? Located just 15 minutes from Raanana and 10 minutes from the beaches of Netanya,...

Kibbutz Living in Israel.

Living on a kibbutz in Israel - the in's and out's. Hebrew: מגורים בקיבוץ What is a kibbutz? Kibbutz living appeal to you? A kibbutz is generally an...

Israel’s Bahai Community

The Bahai Community Living in Israel. Hebrew: קהילת הבהאים בישראל The Bahais in Israel Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze live in Haifa as do most of the...

Aliyah & Living in Modiin

The community of Modiin Maccabim-Reut Making Aliyah, moving to and living in the community of Modiin Hebrew: עליה ומגורים במודיעין Modiin is less than an hours drive...


Popular Communities in Israel for Aliyah & relocation. English speaking communities in Israel are abundant but some are more popular than others.  Some of the...

Aliyah & Living in Carmit & the Negev

Carmit, a settlement community for new immigrants moving to the Negev Hebrew: כרמית - ישוב קהילתי בצפון הנגב Carmit is a developing, new community in the...

The Filipino Community in Israel.

Israel's Filipino Community. The content and images for this article about the Filipino community in Israel have kindly been contributed by The Philippine Embassy in...

The Druze Community & Visiting the Druze Villages

The Druze Community & Druze Villages in Northern Israel Hebrew:  העדה הדרוזית בישראל The History of the Druze The Druze Community (Druzim in Hebrew) have lived in...

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