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Commemorating Kristallnacht - 80 years on.

Between 9 and 10 November 1938, over 1,400 synagogues and prayer rooms, thousands of Jewish-owned homes, hospitals, shops and cemeteries were damaged or destroyed across Nazi Germany and Austria - this night became know as Kristallnacht. This year, the 80th anniversary, Jews around the world will be commemorating Kristallnacht.

Commemorating Kristallnacht

Leave a light burning to show your respect in remembrance of all the victims of Kristallnacht and their families  - Image credit: Unsplash

On the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, Jews around the world are being encouraged to leave a light burning all night long in their homes and Synagogues.  Because of Shabbat, the Jewish community around the world will be commemorating Kristallnacht by leaving a light on throughout Friday night, November 8th,, 2019. In order not to desecrate the Sabbath, this light must be switched on before Shabbat begins (Shabbat times here) and left on until Shabbat ends on Saturday night - a total of 25 hours.

Kristallnacht is also known as 'Night of the Broken Glass' as well as the 'November Pogroms'

267 synagogues throughout Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland were destroyed

Over 7,000 Jewish businesses were damaged or destroyed

30,000 Jewish men were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps

638 Jews were estimated to have committed suicide that night