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Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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What has the Covid-19 pandemic been like for English speaking migrants in Israel?

Results of the recent research on the Covid pandemic for English speaking immigrants in Israel. The University of Haifa and Anglo-List co...

Israel Environment & Sustainability

Israel ranks 23rd out of 60 destinations for sustainability. InterNations publishes its first Environment and Sustainability Ranking, revealing the best and worst countries for the...

Digital Israel

Israel makes it into the top 6 digital countries and 10th in terms of quality of life. Israel receives its best ratings for the unrestricted

Making friends in Israel -Israel ranks in Top 10.

Best ways for expats to make Israeli friends. Israel ranked in top 10 countries for making friends. InternNations survey

Surveys & Polls

Surveys and polls on all aspects of Aliyah and the Israeli lifestyle amongst the English speaking immigrant community.


Association Between Acculturation Variables & Life Satisfaction Among Israeli Immigrants from Four English-Speaking Countries. Zlotnick et al

Israel Health Fund Survey – July 2015

Which of Israel's Health Funds is the best? Which are you least satisfied with? Brookdale survey results: Most satisfied - Maccabi.  Meuhedet and Leumit show...

Israel Car Ownership -Survey Results

Owning a Car or Vehicle in Israel - Survey Results Having a vehicle means not waiting for hours for local public transport. It means the...

Living Comfortably in Israel.

What do I need to live comfortably in Israel? Results of a survey within Israel's English speaking immigrant community.

Medical Poll Results

Results of our in-house medical poll on Israel's medical & healthcare system The purpose of our recent medical poll was to ascertain whether the English...

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