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Vegetarian Burger for Yom HaAtzmaut

Most delicious recipe for vegetarian burgers. Even if you are a meat-lover you'll love this dish. Basic ingredients; black beans...

Hanukkah Cheese Fritters

Hanukkah cheese latkes - all the rage this year. Call them whatever you wish; latkes, levivot, fritters, crumpets or pancakes, Hanukkah is the time to...

Savory Hamantaschen Recipe

Who said hamantaschen have to be filled with poppy seeds, nuts, chocolates, dates, jam and halva? Try our savory hamantaschen recipes for

Best hot chocolate recipe

Best hot chocolate recipe ever!!! You'll need 2 cups whole milk 2 tbsp sugar * 4 oz bittersweet or milk chocolate chopped (just under 1...

Hanukkah Latkes Recipes

Latkes, latkes and more latkes! What are latkes? Latkes (לאַטקע) are a type of potato pancake of Ashkenazi Jewish origin that are traditionally prepared to celebrate,...

This Hanukah try Indian Bhajia Onion Fritters.

Indian Bhajia deep fried onion fritters instead of traditional latkes on Hanukah. Tired of the traditional potato latkes or sweet-potato latkes for Hanukah? This Hanukah...

Couscous recipe the Israeli way

Try our traditional couscous recipe. Quick and easy to make in just a few minutes. Eat is with vegetable soup, meat, chicken, fish, in a sala

Everything you need to know about the Jerusalem artichoke

Everything you wanted to know about the Jerusalem artichoke and were afraid to ask! The Jerusalem artichoke is a herbaceous plant found in North America,...

Ideas for Marshmallow Toppings and dips

Irresistible roasted marshmallow toppings and dips. These ideas are perfect for your Yom HaAtzmaut 'al ha-eish'. How can you resist the supermarket special offers on marshmallows...

Quinoa Salad Recipe.

Recipe for healthy quinoa salad with pecans, cranberries and a surprise dressing. Quinoa as a Pesach food has become popular lately.  This recipe (gluten free)...

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