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Opening a bank account in Israel.

Tips for opening a bank account in Israel. The process of opening a bank account in Israel starts immediately upon your arrival in Israel at...

Hebrew Acronyms & Abbreviations: Banks

Israel Banks & Banking - Acronyms & Abbreviations Acronyms and abbreviations are used daily in both written and spoken Hebrew for example, when recommending your...

Hebrew English: Mortgages

Learn new Hebrew words & phrases with English and transliterations English Transliteration Hebrew Mortgage Mashkanta משכנתא Apartment Dira דירה Property Neches נכס Area Ezor איזור Neighborhood Sh'chuna שכונה House Bayit בית Loan Halva'a הלוואה Bank Bank בנק Approval Ishur Ikroni אישור עיקרוני Appraisal Shama'ut שמאות Payment track Maslool מסלול Purchase tax Mas rechisha מס רכישה Interest Ribit ריבית Cash out loan Halva'a LeKol Matara הלוואה לכל מטרה You may like...

Hebrew-English: At the Bank

Learn new Hebrew words & phrases with English & transliterations  At the Bank - בבנק   English  Transliteration Hebrew I want to open a current account Ani rotzah/rotzeh lif’to’ach chesh’bon...

Israel Banking: Deposit Slip Translation

Hebrew - English Translation of a Bank Deposit Slip (via the self-service) Hebrew:  שובר להפקדת כספים בתיבת שירות Navigating your banking in Israel can be challenging. ...

Israel Foreign Currency Exchange – Account Translation

Hebrew-English translation of a typical foreign currency statement from an Israeli bank Hebrew:פרוט חשבון מטבע חוץ - מט"ח  With many Israeli banks now offering paperless, digital...

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