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Social ServicesTair - For Victims of Sexual Abuse in Israel

Tair – For Victims of Sexual Abuse in Israel

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Last Updated on October 29, 2021

Victims of sexual abuse in Israel can turn to TAIR.

Hebrew: קורבנות הטרדה מינית

One of every three women and one of every seven men are victims of sexual abuse.

tair rape crisisThe Tair Rape Crisis Centre (RCC) has been providing assistance and support for victims of assault and sexual harassment in the Coastal Plain area – “HaShfela” (from Ashkelon in the south to Ness Tziona in the north) since 1998. The organization was founded as a response to the need for social services for victims of abuse and rape. We assist women and men to work through the trauma and injury of abuse and the ensuing effects on the victim and their family.

The Centre also works within the community to raise awareness and reduce the incidence of sexual violence in our society by providing immediate, non judgmental and anonymous support to victims. Through lectures and seminars we reach diverse audiences in the region such as youth, social workers, educators, policemen, lawyers, doctors, counselors and more.

Tair Rape Crisis Centre is the youngest of 10 Rape Crisis Centers (RCC) throughout the country, and is a member of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel.

Tair Rape Crisis Centre works in three main areas:

1. Support and Assistance for Victims

a) 24/7 Hot Line (1202)

The hot-line is staffed by volunteers trained to give first response in a crisis. This assistance includes support, acceptance, information, and assistance to the victim in the Hebrew, English and Russian languages. Our most basic tenet is the empowerment of the victim as any attack denies one of the sense of control over one’s self and life. This response to this loss of control helps to give victims the strength and support to choose one’s own path to healing. We support and assist, step by step, as she works through and ultimately chooses her path to healing.

Our hot-line is also open to family, friends, acquaintances and relatives of victims, searching for information, support and counseling. All callers are afforded complete confidentiality. The Tair RCC hot-line volunteers do not require callers to identify themselves – callers can maintain complete anonymity.

b) Accompanying Victims

Our volunteers support and accompany victims to police, hospital, lawyers and courts. We assist victims throughout the entire process – from making the complaint, supporting them through investigations, evidence collection, medical care and the legal process, and ensuring victims know and exercise their rights within the law. All these are very difficult, and often intrusive, humiliating and awkward experiences. We stand by the victim through the entire process – Our guiding line and motto is “You Are Not Alone” in the full meaning of the term.

c) Support Groups

At Tair RCC we maintain Support Groups for incest victims. The groups are adapted to the victims’ age, type of damage, and stage of therapy. Each group is conducted by top professional clinical psychologists, who are experienced in group therapy and receive intensive supervision during the entire procedure.

For support: Call our 24 hour hot line: 1202 (Or 08-9496020 from cellular phones)

2. Community – Education and Information

Tair Rape Crisis Centre runs workshops in the community to raise awareness and to help reduce sexual violence. Workshops are held for teachers and students in schools as well as non-formal educational settings. Lectures and seminars are held for law enforcement, lawyers, hospital staff, counselors and social workers, and seminars are offered to company employees and management.

3. Lobbying and Advocacy

Tair Rape Crisis Centre works extensively to improve the treatment given by the state to victims of sexual assault – by working to change policy in health, welfare, education and law systems as well as by strengthening the collaboration with Israeli and worldwide organizations.

Tair has grown tremendously in the past year – both in staff members and in number of volunteers. In addition, there is a steady increase in activities. In order to ensure Tair’s future activities for helping victims of sexual attacks, continuous and intensive fundraising work is being done. We are very proud of the Center’s success, however there are still some goals we are hoping to achieve, and some dreams we are waiting to fulfill.

Our many supporters in Israel and abroad enable us to carry out various programs for victims of sexual violence, and we invite you to become one of them! Be part of the important mission we are leading.

Tair is just one of the many Rape Crisis Centers in Israel.

Local Centers are located in the following cities (North to South):
1. Kiryat Shmona
2. Haifa
3. Ra’anana
4. Tel Aviv
5. Jerusalem
6. Rehovot (Tair Center)
7. Be’er Sheva (Maslan)

The national hotline emergency number 1202

When you call this number will be connected to your nearest Rape Crisis Center in Israel.
(for example – if you call from Netanya you will reach the Center in Ra’anana)

In addition there are 3 national Centers:
8.   For Arab women (in Nazareth)
9.   For religious women – Datiot – (in Jerusalem)
10. For men (in Tel-Aviv) – 1203 emergency hotline

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