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Public & Other Transport Services in Israel Hebrew: שירותי תחבורה ציבורית בישראל Accident Procedure Legal requirements for swapping details after an accident on Israeli roads Airports Ben Gurion International...

Night-Time Bus Lines – Kavei Leila

Night-Time Bus Lines Across Israel - Kavei Leila Hebrew:  קווי לילה Kavei Leila or the night-time bus lines are a country-wide, bus company cooperative of bus...

Jerusalem City Tour Bus – Route 99

Jerusalem Panoramic City Tour Bus Route No. 99 Hebrew: תחבורה ציבורית בירושלים קו 99   When traveling in Israel,  you should take in one of...

Israel Railways and Train Services

Israel Railways & Train Services. Israel Railways operates the only train service in Israel. Trains run from Nahariya in the north to Beer Sheva in...

Carmel Tunnel & Road No. 6 – Two toll Roads.

The Carmel Tunnels (Minheret HaCarmel) Haifa, and Highway 6 (Kvish 6) toll roads in Israel. Toll road costs and prices מנהרות הכרמל - כביש 6

The Carmelit Underground Funicular in Haifa.

The Carmelit - Haifa's underground funicular transport system. Hebrew: הרכבת התחתית - כרמלית חיפה Who'd have thought you can travel and explore Haifa from Downtown to the...

Sheruts & Taxis in Israel

Israel Public Transportation - Sheruts & Taxi Services Hebrew: תחבורה ציבורית בישראל The Sherut Service - Shared Taxi Numerous taxi companies operate sheruts - a shared taxi...

The Israel Bus Service.

Israel's Bus Service; Egged, Dan, Superbus, Kavim, Golanbus... The Israel bus service is served by 8 different bus companies with Egged and Dan being the...

Aliyah & Living in Raanana

Aliyah, Relocating & Living in Raanana Hebrew: רעננה Thinking about living in Raanana? The commuter town of Raanana lies in the central district of Israel, in the...

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