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Hebrew-English Translations for newbies in Israel.

A selection of Hebrew-English translations. Translated household bills for these utilities and services.  Bezek Bill Cable TV Electricity Bill Mobile Phone Property Tax - Arnona ...

Israel Bank Charges: Hebrew-English Translation.

Learn Hebrew with this Bank Charges Statement Translated to English Hebrew: פרוט תנועות ותשלומים These could be useful too.. Banking and banking terms Translated Household Bills ...

Hebrew to English Translated Water Bill

Learn Hebrew while paying your household water bill. Hebrew to English translation of a typical Israel water bill - חשבון מים Your water bill - If...

Hebrew to English Translation of Bezeq Telephone Bill

Learn Hebrew with this Hebrew English Translation of the Bezeq Telephone Bill This is an Anglo-List translation of the bill as it appears on Bezeq's...

Hebrew to English Translation of the Cable TV Bill.

Paying your household bills in Israel is now easier. HOT - Cable TV Bill Translated from Hebrew to English You may find these Hebrew English translations...

Hebrew-English Translated Household Bills

Understanding your Israel household bills with these Hebrew to English translations. No need to pull your hair out! Hebrew English translations of the most common ...

Contact Kupat Holim Meuhedet: Automated Answering Service

Hebrew English Translation: The Automated Answering Service at Kupat Holim Meuhedet What are they saying?  What does it mean? It is so annoying – I...

Hebrew English Translation of the Israeli Pay Slip or Salary Stub.

Understand your monthly Israeli pay slip and learn Hebrew with our English translation. Hebrew:  Tlush Maskoret - תלוש משכורת Your pay slip/paystub may differ slightly in...

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