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Hebrew English: Phones & Internet

Learn Hebrew with English and transliterations: Phones & Internet. Free word sheets to help you learn Hebrew fast.

Learn Hebrew – Drink or eat soup

Learn Hebrew: Do we drink or eat soup? אוכלים או שותים מרק It's winter and time to enjoy a hot bowl or cup of your favorite...


Learn Hebrew fast and free. The Academy of the Hebrew Language shares their Hebrew word sheets with Anglo-List

Hebrew to English translations gone bad

There are many examples where Hebrew to English translations go bad and even Google and other online translators, get it wrong

Jewish and Hebrew Greetings

Jewish and Hebrew greetings and expressions for all occasions. Shalom - Hello, Le'Chaim - To Life, Nu - So, Tzom Kal - An easy fast,

Hebrew-English: First Aid

Learn new Hebrew words and phrases with English and transliterations - First Aid. Free word sheets that will have you speaking Hebrew fast

Hebrew Homonyms

How do you say 'hot' in Hebrew. Learn Hebrew with our free word-sheets. Hebrew acronyms and abbreviations, palindromes, homophones and slang.

Negotiating your taxi fare in Israel.

Negotiating your taxi fare - A typical conversation with a taxi driver with Hebrew transliterations.     As of 24.6.2019 the base taxi fare has increased to...

The Hebrew word ‘גשפנקה’ – Gushpanka

What is the meaning of the Hebrew word Gushpnanka - גשפנקה? So you've been in Israel for a decade or more and you are still...

Hebrew Acronyms & Abbreviations: Banks

Israel Banks & Banking - Acronyms & Abbreviations Acronyms and abbreviations are used daily in both written and spoken Hebrew for example, when recommending your...

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