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Personal Imports to Israel

Personal imports to Israel. The planned reform. Customs Tax, VAT & Purchase Tax on Personal Imports Online shopping in Israel is growing in popularity.  Whether you...

Aliyah & Relocation Downsizing

Downsizing before your Aliyah or relocation   The decision has finally been made. A date has been set for you Aliyah or relocation. You are super...

Bringing and Importing a Car to Israel.

Should I be bringing my car to Israel? Hebrew: האם כדי לי לייבא רכב לישראל Should I be bringing my car to Israel or should wait...

Aliyah Shipping – Frequently Asked Questions.

Aliyah Shipping FAQs & Answers. יבוא אישי עולה חדש - שאלות ותשובות I do not yet have a date for Aliyah. Is it to early to...

Buying & Importing a Car in Israel

Buying or Importing a Car in Israel Regulations for Olim Olim are entitled to buy cars in Israel within three years after making Aliyah at a...

Aliyah Shipping: Duties & Rights

Aliyah Shipping. Israel shipping regulations, duties & rights for Aliyah shipping to Israel.   Israel shipping regulations - as a rule, all imports to Israel are subject...

Floor Plan & Design of an Israeli Apartment

Floor Plan of a Typical Israeli Apartment. Avoid costly Aliyah shipping mistakes! It's much easier to plan your Aliyah or Israel relocation shipment when you...

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