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Purim Holiday Jokes

Best Purim holiday jokes that will drive you to drink. Purim is a Jewish festival that has a fun side to it as well.  So,...

Savory Hamantaschen Recipe

Who said hamantaschen have to be filled with poppy seeds, nuts, chocolates, dates, jam and halva? Try our savory hamantaschen recipes for

Why do we dress up on Purim?

Why do we dress up on Purim? Purim comes around to teach us that this world is a con. We wear costumes to emphasize this point

Purim – Mishloach Manot

Why do we give Mishloach Manot on Purim? Contributed by Rav Nissim Mordechai Makor The giving of Mishloach Manot is one of the four mitzvot established...

Purim Costume Ideas – Funny Hats

Funny, funky and crazy hats for Purim. If dressing up in full costume for Purim is not your thing, a great idea for your Purim costume is a

Purim costume ideas

(Cheap) Purim costume ideas. Safety precautions, transport to school and other considerations for planning a perfect Purim for your child.

The Hebrew Month of Adar

To understand the Hebrew month of Adar, we have to look at the two letters connected to this month (from Sefer Yitzirah). The letter, Kuf

Purim costumes from a cardboard box!

Make your own Purim costume this year. 10 super easy, super economical ideas all made from a cardboard box. A glue gun, scissors, felt tip...

Purim Celebrations: Fun, parades, dress-up and resources.

The Jewish festival of Purim. Why do we celebrate Purim? Gifts for the poor, Fun for the family, dress-up ideas, jokes and traditional foods.

Price Check: Purim

The festival of Purim in Israel. Price Check: Comparing the cost of Purim delights, fancy-dress costumes ideas and toy safety standards.

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