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Choosing a cooktop for Israel

When making Aliyah, it sometimes makes more sense to leave one's old, small appliances behind and buy new in Israel. Smaller homes

Israel Electric Company’s Digital Services

Digital services offered by Israel Electric Corporation. An English explanation of online digital services. Frustrated by the Electric Corpor

Instructional video: Pay your Israel electricity bill online

Step-by-step instructions for paying the Hevrat HaHashmal (Israel Electric Corporation) household electricity bill online.     Transcript Welcome to another Anglo-List  video – Paying your Israel electricity bill...

Israel Electric Corporation: Electricity Tariffs & Meters

Electricity Tariffs: Flat Rates & Variable Rates This is a Google translation of a web page in The Israel Electric Company's - Hevrat HaHashmal -...

15 cracking tips for saving electricity in Israel’s winter months.

Save on household energy costs with our 15 top tips for saving electricity in winter in Israel. עצות לחסוך בחשמל בחורף

Who is entitled to a discount on their electricity bill in Israel?

Discounts on electricity bills - are you entitled? Hebrew: הנחות בחשבון החשמל בישראל Certain sectors of Israel's population are, according to the law, entitled to a...

12 Summer Electricity Saving Tips for the Israeli Household.

What is the best temperature to set my aircon during the Israel summer?  12 tips for saving electricity. Hebrew: עצות לחסוך בחשמל בקיץ These tips are...

Hebrew to English Translation of Electricity Bill

Hevrat HaHashmal - The Israel Electric Company Bi-monthly electricity bill translated from Hebrew to English  Important Billing Information Electricity is billed every two months. It is very convenient...

Contact Hevrat HaHashmal – Israel Electric Company: Automated Answering Machine

The Automated Answering Service at Chevrat HaHashmal - The Israel Electric Company. What are they saying?  What does it mean? It is so annoying –...

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