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Safety & Security in Israel’s daycare, kindergartens and preschools

Daycare safety & security in Israel - kindergartens and preschools. Some very unpleasant incidents in Israel's daycare, kindergartens and preschools have caused real anxiety amongst...

Internships in Israel

There are many options for bursaries, scholarships, subsidized study programs and internships in Israel. If you are thinking about Aliyah

Opportunity for English Teachers in Israel

If you've been thinking about teaching English in Israel, here is an opportunity not to be missed. The national program for expanding and deepening English...

Hebrew-English: School

Learn new Hebrew words and phrases with English & transliterations Back to School & School Supplies חוזרים לבית הספר School Supplies English Transliteration Hebrew backpack / schoolbag yalkut ילקוט / תיק לבית הספר ballpoint...

Israel’s children go back-to-school. How much do school supplies cost?

A 2  year price comparison school supplies for the 2017/2018 and  2018/2019 academic years Where is the best place to shop for school supplies? Are...

Preparing for the Bagrut – Israel Matriculation Exam.

Bagrut - The  Israel Matriculation Examination Hebrew:  בגרות Bagrut exams, Israel matriculation, are written in Grades 11 and 12. Subjects are written in modules from 1...

Homeschooling in Israel, a growing trend

Before the Coronavirus homeschooling in Israel, became a growing trend. Hebrew:  בית ספר - לומדים מהבית Home-schooling is possible in Israel. There is a growing trend in...

The very first day of school in Israel.

Surviving the first day of school in Israel. Hebrew:היום הראשון בבית הספר September 1st is the start of the new academic year in Israel.   After a...

Israel School Tuition Fees & Expenses – Translated Bill

Hebrew to English translation of municipal school fees and expenses Hebrew - אגרת חינוך Primary and secondary school fees are set out by your local Department...


Everything you need to know about the Education System in Israel. Hebrew: מערכת החינוך בישראל Pre-school options in Israel Care-givers, a 'mishpachton' - creche, municipal and private...

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