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Aliyah stories

Cecilia Harris

I met Cecilia in a sherut in Haifa. When I heard her speaking English I started up a conversation, we exchanged numbers and I invited her for

Eurovision 2019 – Barry Braun

Is Barry Braun Israel's next Eurovision finalist? Winner of the Cantorial contest and Oleh Hadash. From 4 cars in Cape Town to a

From Strength to Strength – The Women of Aliyah

From Strength to Strength - The Women of Aliyah By: Sara Jacobovici One of my favorite cartoons as a kid growing up in Montreal, Canada in...

What I love about Israel. (Besides all the obvious).

What I love about Israel (Besides all the obvious) By Carol Ann Givati Carol is a new Olah from South Africa.  After living in Haifa for...

Aliyah Sotry: Israel Cured Aaron Goldhammer

Israel Cured Me By: Aaron Goldhammer Nine years ago, when I was 19,  I got my 3rd right shoulder dislocation while playing water polo. So like...

Tips for Olim

My Israel Aliyah Tips By: Isaac Ben My name is Isaac Ben and I am a Canadian who made Aliyah in 2004, and love Israel and...

Aliyah Story: T.R.’s Disappointment

My Disappointing Aliyah By: Tcvia Rosenberg Do you know what you are getting into? As Jews, many of us dream of Aliyah and making the Holy Land...

Aliyah Story: David – Israel via Iran, Syria, Kuwait & Moscow

Israel via Iran, Syria, Kuwait & Moscow.  The story of David the "Wandering Jew" By: David Reid For most of my life, I have been the...

Aliyah Story: Gershom from Chicago to Haifa

Aliyah from Chicagoland to Haifa By: Gershom Lichtenberg My wife and I made Aliyah to Haifa in July, 2007. We came from Chicagoland, having spent much...

Eran – A Lone Soldier in Israel – Chayal Boded

I was a Lone Soldier - A Chayal Boded By: Eran Zingman Lots of unsteady, Zionist motivated, young American adults come to Israel to show their...

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