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Living in Sussya & Hebron Hills

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Last Updated on June 11, 2012

Living in Sussya and the Hebron Hills

Hebrew: סוסיא הר חברון

By: Yohanna Jaffe

Sussya in the Hebron Hills (Image credit: Wikimedia)


Sussya (Susya) is a close knit community of around 150 families, located in the Hebron Hills. It is a religious settlement with a unique flavor.  It was built within walking distance of the ancient town of Sussya, which had been developed by Jews who were banished from Jerusalem by the Romans after the 2nd exile. The ancient town thrived until the 9th Century C.E.

Modern Sussya, established in 1982,  is the largest settlement in Har Hevron (Hebron Hills), and contains basic services such as a health clinic and grocery store.

Employment & Industry

Sussya is known locally for its goat dairy products, flour, and honey, which are industries owned and operated by Sussya’s own citizens.   A majority of the residents of Sussya have their roots in education: teachers or school administrators, but there are many other professions represented as well. People live close to the land in Sussya.  It isn’t unusual to find families keeping goats, chickens, and horses near their homes.  


Susya has an elementary and middle school for children in the area, a large boy’s yeshivah, and a smaller Torah school for boys.

Attractions & Tourism

The ancient town of Sussya is a “must see” for tourists from around the world. The large mosaic floor of the ancient synagogue is breathtaking, and the ancient site serves as the location for weddings and other events. 

Tours, re-enactments and demonstrations such as wine making and pottery are conducted during the popular holidays of Sukkot and Passover. 

Sussya has a Field School which hosts groups from all over the country for educational seminars and tours in the area.  The Field School has guest rooms, lecture halls, a large dining hall, amphitheater, and an outdoor swimming pool. 

Sussya has a women’s  walking group that meets every Friday morning in Har Hevron, in the Yatir Forest.

There is a library in Sussya and they are working on enlarging its English section.

If you want to trade the hustle and bustle of city life for quiet farm-style, country living, Sussya could be for you.  The community is warm, welcoming and optimistic for the future.

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