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Summer Vacation Prices in Israel & Abroad

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Last Updated on May 21, 2018

What’s the price of for a summer vacation in Israel this year?

Holiday price comparison – Israel and other destinations

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Got that holiday feeling?  It’s not too late to book your summer vacay.

The key to a great family holiday is to plan thoroughly and this means a carefully planned budget. This year, for our 2018 price comparison we compared some of the most popular holiday destinations in Israel and abroad so you’ll know exactly what to expect .

For this price check, we based our research on:

  • A 7 night stay from August 17th – August 24th at popular hotels as well as budget accommodation
  • One room: 2 adults + 1 child, including breakfast
  • Zimmerim in close proximity are quoted per night – we looked for the cheapest (weekend rates may differ from those quoted below)
  • Airbnb also in close proximity are also quoted per night and we also looked for the cheapest rate

Prices were advertised on the official website’s of each hotel chain, zimmerim.co.il and airbnb and are correct as of March 23rd, 2018

Availability of rooms at these prices is limited.  Prices are not part of any package deal.  Anglo-list cannot guarantee these prices at the actual time of booking.

Price are quoted in Shekels and are inclusive of VAT.

Hotel Chain Jerusalem Eilat Dead Sea Kinneret Tel Aviv Haifa/Carmel Coast
Dan Panorama 7,247 11,180 8,100 5,907
Holiday Inn/Crown Plaza 6,282 8,776 8,218 10,842 8,019
Leonardo  7,066 13,676  10,231  8,270 5,820 6,838  6,206
Isrotel  13,348  15,083 7,930  – 8,936  –  –
Club Hotels  –  10,703  –  4,269  –  –  –
Prima Hotels  4,323 5,177 4,675 7,963
C Hotels  10,500 7,350  –
Kibbutz Hotels in close proximity  5,989  7,350  4,284  7,921  –  8,291  –
Zimmerim per night 250 387 400 400 400
Airbnb in close proximity/night (cheapest) 305 266 377 335 234 235 250
During this week, hostel accommodation in Eilat for a family room starts at 450 NIS/night

Other destinations you might want to consider for the same dates during August

  • 823 shekels for 2 adults + 1 child for 7 nights at the Coral Resort in Nuweiba, Sinai
  • The Park Inn by Radisson in Bucharest comes in at 3,375 shekels
  • Novotel in Paris is yours for 5,283 shekels
  • Westin Hotel at Times Square, New York – 9,303 shekels
  • The Table Bay Hotel on Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront is yours for 10,321 shekels

It’s not just the cost of accommodation, there are other things to consider when planning your budget:

Transport costs

  • Depending on your destination, airfare can account for half of your budget
  • Make a budget for other transportation; shuttles, taxis, trains or the metro


  • The listed price of airfare from Ben Gurion Airport to Eilat for August 17th is currently 251 shekels per person and the return price on August 24th is 193 shekels
  • Airfare for 2 adults + 1 child to New York will set you back a cool $4,500

Car rental

  • In Israel -160 shekels/day to rent an economy car (manual) from August 17th – August 24th, includes 4,000 km.  Additional drivers, car seats, navigation systems etc. are all extras
  • In Italy you’ll be paying 204 Euros for the same period

Theme parks & other entertainment

  • Adult entrance fee at Superland in Rishon LeZion is 113 shekels
  • The entrance fee at Mini Israel is 59 shekels
  • Entrance fee at Yamit water park is 104 shekels
  • A ticket to The Lion King in London is upward of 50 GBP
  • A ticket to Euro Disney starts at 43 Euro


  • A basic falafel meal with a drink for a family of four can cost upwards of 100 shekels
  • A family sized pizza with 1.5 liter drink, at Pizza Hut, is priced at 80 shekels.
  • A McRoyal combo meal at McDonalds’ is currently priced at 45 shekels
  • Agadir, one of the 10 best burger joints in Israel, is selling its classic burger combo meal for 51 shekels while a decent burger in New York is around $13
  • Captain Curry, chef’s restaurant by Yonatan Roshfeld’s in Sarona is serving a Tandoori curry for 54 shekels
  • 150 shekels per person for an entrée, main, dessert and drink at a sushi bar, here in Israel, is average
  • In Italy you can easily pay 18 Euro for a plate of pasta

Track your spending

  • There are always extras and miscellaneous purchases; a handbag, a pair of shoes, cosmetics, clothes etc.  Make sure you have enough funds in your checking account as well as on your credit card.
  • Use coupons if you can – a few dollars here and there may not seem like a lot at the time, but why not pay less than you need to?
  • If you are a member, use reward points if possible.
  • The costs of gifts can add a chunk of bucks to your budget.  Do you really need to buy fridge magnets for all the girls in the office – a box of chocolates to share will be just as welcome.
  • Check local prices before you head off to the Duty Free.

Last but not least, discuss the cost of your holiday with your spouse, be honest – it’s tempting but don’t try to hide the cost or your spending.

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