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Hebrew EnglishSpeak English in Israel

Speak English in Israel

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Last Updated on October 23, 2021

Speak English!

Yes, this is Israel, and the official languages are Hebrew and Arabic, but many immigrants look for companies that can speak to them in English and French.

There are an estimated 600,000 English-speaking Olim in Israel who have immigrated from North America, Australia, South Africa and the UK, and they have high expectations of Israeli companies. They take a dim view of mistakes in menus and company literature, and they believe that English should be Israel’s third official language.

Suzanne Suckerman, founder and developer of Anglo-List.com, which promotes English-speaking businesses to expats and Olim, says she has readers who still rely on English information and feel safer with recommendations from other Anglos despite having lived in Israel for more than 40 years!

“Many Olim feel that English should be a required language for all Israeli companies to communicate with their customers. In my experience they are more likely to choose the provider who speaks to them in their own language, even if their product or service costs a little more than the competition.”

Are Anglo Olim different from those of other nationalities? Yes, says Suzanne. “French Olim, and other language speakers that I meet, have different expectations when it comes to learning Hebrew.”

Because everyone wants to feel welcome in Israel, speaking to your customers in their own mother tongue, whether on your telephone answering system or in your marketing campaign. This can make your company a winner with growing numbers of Olim who keep arriving in Israel from France, America and around the world.  Talk to Leadlike about the best way to promote your company to new Olim in their own language.

Instead of Bruchim Habaim, we say Welcome Home!

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