Monday, 20 May 2019
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(Cheap) Purim costume ideas for 2019.

Getting your small child to dress up for Purim might not be as easy as you think.  Small children struggling with their own identity issues also have do deal with parents insisting that their children dress up in some strange shiny outfit for a few hours, can be torturous for them and can result in lots of tears.  Purim is meant to be fun but it can also be a stressful day.

 There are so many things to take into consideration when planning a perfect Purim for your child.

What will the weather be like on Purim?

After 30 years in Israel, the sun has only shone twice on Purim; once on February 28th, 1991 which coincided with the end of the Gulf War and all of Israel were on the streets celebrating and one other time during an unseasonal hamsin when the winter temperature soared up into the high twenties. 

A Hula dancer outfit may be a cheap costume to put together; a couple of coconut shells and a grass skirt, but it isn't Purim weather, friendly.

Transport to school

How will my child get those butterfly wings to school in one piece without getting crushed on the bus or the Friendly Ghost outfit (a large whit sheet) getting pulled and torn by a feisty 8 year old?

First time in the Israeli school system? On dress-up day schools usually commence at 9:00am instead of 8:00am (they finish earlier too).  Need a vacation day? Your employer is most likely to be okay with you coming in a little later on dress-up day.  Check the company's policy.


Make sure to do a full dress rehearsal including makeup before the day so that any snags can be sorted ahead of time.

Check the seams, zippers, buttons, ribbons and every aspect of the costume for loose threads that can be dangerous, small decorations that could present a choking hazard or fabric that might irritate the skin after a few hours.  Face paints and Purim makeup can cause skin irritation too.

Before you buy, check that the Purim costume has an Israel Standards Approval mark (Hebrew: Tav Teken), a European CE mark and American ANSI or similar safety seal.

Run out of Purim costume ideas?

So you've gone the low budget route for years; Purim costumes made from a cardboard box, the plaid shirt and jeans cowboy outfit, the long white dress that doubles as a brides outfit, a princess outfit, a Queen Esther costume or a fairy outfit.  Your teen is probably very politically correct and is not willing to dress up as a homeless person, a geisha or in blackface, so what is there this year? An inflatable costume!

purim costume ideas

Some might see the inflatable sumo wrestler or ballerina as body shaming but there are a wide range of inflatable costumes that can be quite fun.  There is PacMan, minions, unicorns, assorted dinosaurs, sharks, pandas and other creatures as well as a selection of superheroes; the Incredible Hulk, Superman, Godzilla, Ninja Turtles and more.

Where to buy inflatable Purim costumes?

The 'Max Stock' chain has stocks of inflatbale Purim costumes or you can order online via - a website offering one week delivery. Prices of inflatable costumes start at 149 Shekels and go all the way up to many hundreds of shekels - the average price is around 250 Shekels.

Walmart has an inflatable dinosaur costume for $18 - great if you have a relative traveling to Israel in the next couple of weeks.

AliExpress has the biggest range of inflatable costumes and prices start at about $12.

Remember if you are buying an inflatable costume you will need to purchase the battery operated air pump as well - about $10.

Whatever you choose to dress up in, have a fabulous Purim.

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