Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Sporting Activities for English Speakers in Israel

Play football, rugby and cricket


Israel Social Services

The Visually Impaired, The Big Brother Big Sister Project, ALUT, Resources for children with Autism, Resources for the Deaf, Children at Risk...


Jewish Festivals

The Jewish festivals explained by Rabbi Tzvi Wainstein


Recipes for Jewish Holidays

You and celebrity chefs share some special holiday fare.  Popular and traditional, kosher recipes


Jewish Identity

A list of synagogues and options for university and college students for Jewish enrichment


Volunteering in Israel

Volunteering is a wonderful way of integrating into Israeli society.  A list of organizations that have volunteer programs.


Haifa Festival of Festivals

The annual Haifa Festival of Festivals promotes religious tolerance.  Exhibitions, live performances, market-stalls and good fun for all.


Youth Movements in Israel

Habonim Dror, Bnei Akiva etc.


Video Gallery

The Anglo-list on YouTube.  Take a peek at beautiful Israel.

Learning Hebrew - video tutorials


Photo Gallery

Scenic spots and special places in Israel


Jewish Jokes

Best jokes for all occasions


Newspaper Reviews

Anglo-list in the press



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