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Featured Business Profile

Great features to help showcase and promote your business!
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Featured Business Profile
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125 HaNassi Boulevard, Haifa, Haifa District, Israel

+972 523 965 675
+972 4 864 5705

Great features to help showcase and promote your business!

General info

Increase your online presence with a 250 word business description and details of your unique services:

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These features are also included

  1. Your logo
  2. Your contact details
  3. Direct client contact
  4. A link to your website
  5. An additional 6 outbound links to your social media; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Skype
  6. Google maps
  7. An image gallery
  8. A video gallery for your promo video
  9. Keywords & Google optimization, H1 and H2 headings
  10. Multiple categories
  11. Ratings and reviews
  12. Featured Business Listing
  13. Stats
  14. Annual renewal

What is a Featured Business Listing?

With a Featured Business Listing, your name, a description of your business and link to this profile appear on every page of this website.

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Why a Featured Business Listing?

Don't disappear! A link to your profile on every page of this site will dramatically increases your exposure thereby increasing the number of leads generated.  Helps with your branding too.

Have a question?

Call or email us and one of our sales representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

Call us: +972 523 965 675

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  • Great results!


    I have been advertising with the Anglo-list since its inception with banners and profiles which have resulted in bookings and improved rankings.  It's economical and effective. Whenever I have changes or edits that I want done, I send an email and Anglo-list takes care of it on my behalf at no extra charge. Thanks Anglo-list.
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  • Tremendous!


    It is hard for me to think of Anglo List as something separate from Suzanne Suckerman. From day one (almost 4 years ago!), Suzanne has extended her hand and heart to support me and my professional needs. She has guided me, provided feedback, made recommendations and has taken initiatives on my behalf. Anglo List is a dynamic and invaluable resource for me and it is directly due to Suzanne. 
    Thanks Suzanne for your time, efforts and energy to make Anglo List such a tremendous resource and for being there for me every time I needed your help.
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  • Anglo-list Advertising


    This is the section wherein your clients can rate and review your business or service.
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