Driving & Road Safety Regulations on Israel’s Roads: Turn your headlights on.

turn your headlights on
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Last Updated on November 15, 2021

From November 1st – Mandatory driving regulations – Turn your headlights on!

We would like to remind you that from November 1st when the winter months officially begin, it is mandatory for all drivers to turn their vehicle headlights on when driving on city roads.

Bus-, taxi- and truck drivers must keep their headlights on city roads as well as inter-city roads.

This requirement remains in effect until March 31st.

Israel road regulations: Turn your headlights on from 1 November.
Israel road regulations: Turn your headlights on from 1 November.

Here are some basic road safety precautions you can take to protect yourself on Israel’s roads. If you are a new driver, an experienced one or a tourist-driver, cycling or walking, make wise and responsible road safety choices.

  1. Familiarize yourself with local road culture and road regulations; road signs, road markings, parking regulations and violations.
  2. New immigrants, even if you are an experienced driver, and irrespective of drivers license conversion procedures, we suggest you take a few driving lessons before driving on local roads.
  3. Be alert especially at intersections and traffic circles where everyone wants to be first. Who has the right of way at a traffic circle?  The driver in the circle has the right of way. Drivers wishing to enter the circle must wait their turn.
  4. Be aware! Sometimes Israeli drivers use the shoulders to jump the traffic and beat a slowdown.
  5. Check local road travel reports with detailed information on delays and traffic issues, detours and the like, by using an app like ‘Moovit’ or ‘Waze’. Flash floods (usually in the Negev) can wash a vehicle away.  Check the weather report before you set out.  Heavy rains and bad drainage sometimes result in ‘rivers’ on the road.
  6. Negotiate the taxi fare prior to accepting a ride.  Unscrupulous taxi drivers may take advantage if they realize that you are unfamiliar with the area. Use GPS software prior to setting out to familiarize yourself with the general route and landmarks along the way.
  7. Hitchhikers: pick up soldiers from a designated ‘Trampiada’ – a pick-up and drop-off point designated for hitchhikers.  Women hitchhikers, be cautious.
  8. If the taxi or bus driver is driving recklessly you have the right to ask to get out.  Don’t hesitate to report them to the appropriate authority.
  9. If you are driving a rental car, make sure you clearly understand rental rules and regulations especially where traffic fines and toll road charges are concerned.
  10. Please make sure you wear glasses or contact lenses every time you drive if you need them or are required to do so as per your your driver’s license eye test.
  11. However minor you think a car accident is, you must stop and failing to do so is an offense.  You are also obligated to swap details with the other driver.  Here are those details…
  12. Foreign tourists traveling to Gaza should take special care. Choose the safest form of transportation especially in areas close to or in the Green Line.
  13. Road safety for seniors… 


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