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DrivingIsrael Driver's License Renewal.

Israel Driver’s License Renewal.

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Last Updated on October 24, 2021

Renewing your Israel Driver’s License

Hebrew: חידוש רישיון נהיגה

Transliteration: Hidush R’shayon Nehiga

israel drivers license renewal
An example of an Israeli Driver’s License

After completing the minimum required number of lessons and passing the practical driver’s test, you will be issued your permanent Israeli driver’s license.  Driver’s licenses are issued for 2, 5 and 10 years as follows:

A two year validity

  • A new driver – Nehag Hadash
  • A license for a public transport vehicle, heavy goods vehicle, security vehicle or children transport vehicle fro a driver over the age of 50
  • A licensed driver aged 65 years and older

A five year validity

A 5 year license is issued after the 2 year period

A 10 year validity

 Find great Anglo professional services in your areaAfter driving for 7 years i.e. 2 as a new driver plus 5 – you will then be issued a license that is valid for 10 years.

The renewal date of your driver’s license coincides with your date of birth.  Approximately one month before expiration of the license, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) will send you a renewal form (which is also a new temporary license)  together with a payment voucher reflecting the renewal fee for your type/category of license.

Once you have paid the renewal fee, your new license will be mailed to you.  This could take a few months and during this period, you are required to carry your new temporary license.

The Eye Test

All licensed drivers over the age of 40, are required to undergo an eye-test prior to their license renewal.  This eye-exam costs 50 shekels (September 2016).  If you require spectacles for driving, your license will be endorsed accordingly.

The Medical Exam

Drivers aged 70 and over are required to undergo a medical examination as a condition for renewal of the driver’s license.
Professional drivers (taxi drivers, buses, heavy vehicles and more) are required to undergo medical examination from the age of 60.
For questions and inquiries, call the National Transportation Ministry’s hotline –  *5678

Paying for the drivers license renewal

Making the renewal payment has never been simpler.

  1. You can pay it by calling the Ministry of Transport  on *5678
  2. It can be paid at any commercial bank or any postal bank
  3. It can be paid at your local licensing bureau
  4. It can be paid at any branch of Superpharm that has the MOT self-service station
  5. It can be paid by credit card, online and in English by clicking on this link

Important Note

The onus is on you to renew your license even if you do not receive a renewal form in the mail.  So, make a mental note of the renewal date, or just check your license every so often.  If you do not receive the renewal form, contact the MOT on *5678

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